Comexim Review: Poison Ivy, 60HH

Alright. Let’s talk about a gorgeous bra I received second-hand from a fellow bratabase user/a friend: the Poison Ivy. From what I can gather, this has had reduced cups and a lowered gore. The rest is a guess at best, and that was a great rhyme I didn’t mean to make. Pretty cool.

Anyway, this is a goooorgeous bra. I just sold my Avocado bras and have been waiting for something attractive, and here she is, filling that void. Really, though. Something so simple—green lace—takes this bra up a level. Plus, the gore has a little charm: a silver “C” with a tiny gem in it.

I discovered that this is a fantastic bra for propping up my boobies. I felt like they looked amazing. I wore this (and some clothes, unfortunately, because I wanted to just wear this and be fabulous) to dinner with my partner and the following conversation occurred.

Me: My boobies look so good right now.

Partner: They do.

Me: You think so too?

Partner: Mhm.

Me: I need to show you this bra. It’s so beautiful.

Partner: (Goddammit this shit again) (continues eating French Onion soup)

Warning: may enchant you into spending about $30 and not regretting it.

Warning: may enchant you into spending about $30 and not regretting it.

Later, I showed my partner, as I do whenever I’m excited about a new bra, and he did remark that the bra was lovely and that it really looked good on me. I do think he’s still confused about me having bras with some form of lining in them, now, after watching me buy about 30,000 unlined bras, but, well, I can’t resist.

Let’s talk about what’s good in this bra.

The design/appearance is obviously great. Green is a sorely under-used color in lingerie. This is an almost mossy green color, lending the Poison Ivy a “sexy forest sorceress” look. I mean this in an entirely good way, especially because I’m writing a book with a witch in it, and I think she would go for this bra.

So beautiful. The cup doesn't gap when, you know, I'm not holding a camera, but I kinda need to hold a camera if you're gonna see this gorgeous bra.

So beautiful. The cup doesn’t gap when, you know, I’m not holding a camera, but I kinda need to hold a camera if you’re gonna see this gorgeous bra.

Next, the height is really really good. This is way shorter than the Basic. The sides don’t come up as high. Even looking at the image on Comexim’s site shows you that this is designed to be a shorter bra. And I love it for that.

Lastly, uh, I don’t know how else to say this, but this bra makes my titties look incredible. I get astounding cleavage. This is perfect for taking the girls out. The profile is excellent, but I’m really loving just how damn nice my boobs look! They look so full and perky!! Me and my naturally lift-less boobs!!!

Cleaving about. Notice the non-tacking gore.

Cleaving about. Notice the non-tacking gore.

There are a few cons, but I can deal with them. The lace shows through shirts. You can’t wear a thin shirt and this. You’ll have to layer up. Additionally, the gore doesn’t tack at all. This is a con that I like because it’s quite comfortable. Pressing the gore to my sternum does improve fit in the center, but it’s honestly not a big deal to me.

Damn, Poison Ivy, I love you. Let’s rate our beauty.

In case you forgot.

In case you forgot.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Interesting, gorgeous, charming, magical, luxurious, uhhhh, the goodest.

Appearance of bra on my body (10/10)—My boobs have a confidence boost in this. It looks awesome.

Comfort of…

Straps (10/10)—No complaints!

Band (10/10)—Comfy as anything, way softer than my other Comexims, which still need a wash.

Gore (9/10)—Not a 10/10 because it doesn’t tack. It’s almost like this tiny gore is too wide, so I may take it in, but it’s not a comfort problem.

Underwire (10/10)—Lovely.

Cups (10/10)—I love them.

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Poison Ivy (60HH) gets…

99% – Hell yeah, highest rating!!! Well deserved. Damn, I love this bra.


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