Claudette Review: Sandstone/Navy

Lastly, let’s talk about the Sandstone/Navy. I purchased this in a 28G. The in-cup quadding is BY FAR the worst in this one, which is sad because I like a lot of things about it. I like that it’s not “Nude/Navy” but “Sandstone/Navy”. That’s exceeding rare to find. In fact, I’m always pleased that Claudette seems to abandon “Nude” for other color-focused instead of skin-focused words. My Nude is not your Nude, obviously. I’m a ghost and hurt people’s eyes at the beach, which comes from my father’s side. I think he may be albino, actually – his eyelashes and eyebrows are very white/blonde.

So I like to put that out there as context and to praise how Claudette treats its color ways. I really appreciate that!

But I don’t appreciate how poorly this fits me, which is, of course, why I have this blog.

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Claudette Review: Cyber Yellow/Navy

Now that we’ve cried over my failure of the Leopard, which I still want to love, let’s talk about the 28G Cyber Yellow/Navy color way. I will confess it was not my favorite color way, but I was curious because I heard that the more neon ones should fit better for narrow projection. And this is somewhat true, yes.

The Cyber Yellow/Navy fits better than my 28G Sandstone/Navy. That one will have its own review next. Stay tuned, folks. Why is it that the bra I liked the least fits the best? What a cruel joke. Oy ve.

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Claudette Review: Leopard Dessous

Today, I received my three Dessous bras in the mail. I was most excited for the leopard print one, but, unfortunately, that one has the worst fit of all. Since you can’t return from the Encore sale, I’m stuck with it. I’m considering doing some alterations, but it’s just too damn big. I’m swimming all over the sides and top, though it’s the only one that doesn’t quad where I have center fullness.


First, let’s consider the child I wanted to love but made me sad.

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