Comexim Review: Sonia in 65G

Why are you ordering a 65G, you wonder? Well… I’m just plain uncomfortable and I realize I’m more comfortable in 30 bands. And considering the successful fit of the Luna, unaltered, in a 60H, I decided I would go with a sister size up. I am very happy I did! I purchased two new Comexim beauties in mid-October and received them yesterday. Let’s look at these children. We’ll start with Sonia.

To preface: the Sonia is intended as a half-cup. I am predictable and don’t like change, so I requested it in plunge form. That’s the main alteration. I did request 3×3 hooks, but I suspect something was lost in translation. Even so, I was amazed by how beauteous this thing is. It’s very warm and peachy with silver lace, and then the straps? AaaaAaAAAAaahhh now if only I could have a plain old grey bra.

Please, please, please, give me a grey bra, bra gods.

Please, please, please, give me a grey bra, bra gods.

ANYWAY, SORRY. Let’s look at Sonia.

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Comexim Review: Jacqueline (65H)

Good afternoon, dear friends. Today I am ill. Despite that illness, I have decided to finally getting around in reviewing a bra I received a while ago – the Comexim Jacqueline. I received this bra via bratabase and I do love the look of it. It’s sort of goofy. It reminds me of shopping in Hot Topic and thinking black nails were a true symbol of rebellion (oops, they really aren’t). Even so, I like the look of this one. Houndstooth and bright red lace make for a strange yet endearing combination. I recall there being customizations with this one, and I know it has a three hook back. It might have reduced cups, but I’m not sure. It definitely doesn’t have the straps moved in because my armpits do NOT like when I try to wear this. For that reason, I have only worn the Jacqueline for about 3 hours. That was one time. I never put it on again, sensing it might hurt me.


Let’s look at this baby.

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Comexim Review: Pin Up Bikini Top

HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN, MY FRIENDS. Rest assured. Today, we will examine the long-anticipated Comexim bikini top—the Pin Up. I was very excited about receiving this number because I never had a bikini top in my size. I decided to order a 65H because it would not be worn often, seeing as I scorn the sunlight and swimming, so the band would not be stretched often and would simply be more comfortable.

A quick rehash: this came from the same order as all of the Comexims that were too small. Therefore, reduced cup height, reduced gore, straps moved in, yadda yadda ya. Let me fill you in on the shock of the century:


Yeah girl it don’t fit.

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Comexim: Luna (60H)

Today, dear brog friends, we will be viewing my very favorite bra of the moment: the Comexim Luna. This was a difficult bra to find. Honestly, it’s nowhere to be found. You look on Comexim’s site and it ain’t there. Wellfitting? Ain’t there, either. I did some internet sleuthing because I wanted a bra with the MOON on it (!!!) and did discover a US retailer that had it: Posh Lingerie—here is the general link and here is the specific link for the Luna (do note that most sizes are gone by now, but you might be able to alter a band to fit…of course, YMMV). If you order from this site, they’re a little wonky and you have to order by phone. I hate ordering over the phone, but I did it. Plus, they put a cute little “thank you” card in my package. If they fix up their site and organize it better, it’ll be perfect!

Now, let’s get some things on the table: this has NO alterations. That’s right, folks: nada. 2 hook back. Cups at standard size. Straps in standard placement. Gore at standard height. This is the way the bra is intended to be made, and I got it in a 60H because it was the closest option. So, let’s summarize: I got a 60H Luna, and it’s actually…

Well, it’s pretty good, and I was super pleased.

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Comexim: Vivien (60HH)

Hello again, dear brog readers. Today, I’ve come to discuss the Comexim Vivien. Let’s preface this, again, with a few things: 60HH, reduced cups/gore, straps moved in, and 3 hook back. WHEW! Let’s get into it because I was very excited about the Vivien. It’s dark purple and I love dark purple. It has a floral pattern that is not my grandmother’s couch and is also not a Limited Too t-shirt. These are good things. Vivien has a lot going for her and I wanted her to be perfect.

Alas, I have a brog, and I will tell you the basic issue with Vivien: quad time.

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Comexim: Free Time (60HH)

As prefaced on my last post, this is also a 60HH with the following alterations: reduced cups/gore, straps moved in, and 3 hooks instead of 2 (not requested but it’s what I got lol). HOWEVER! This probably fit the best out of them all for my special big-boob-period’s-coming-time. The Free Time is not overly sexy but fun and cute. The plaid pattern is a mesh material overlaying the blue and whatnot. This conveniently matches my navy aerie undies, which was sort of the goal. I really love navy blue.

Let’s get to it, then!

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Comexim: Basic (black) in 60HH

ALRIGHT, BROG READERS. I HAVE GREAT NEWS. I RECEIVED LITERALLY EVERY BRA I EXPECTED TODAY! YASSS!!!! So that is very cool. One thing that’s bad is that, well, my boobs are growing because of my upcoming period and I am quadding all around. You’ll see in photos exactly what I mean, so for the next few reviews, keep in mind that my girls are bigger than they normally are. I almost cried until I remembered that my period is gonna be here in about a week and that I had a PMS sadness meltdown just yesterday, so yeah, these things are gonna happen. Let’s hope for the best, friends. Swollen boobies may also explain why I fit my beige Basic very well yesterday without a wrinkle in sight (even if it hurt me and my armpits).

So, we have a long list today. Let’s start with the black Basic so that we can get all these Basics out of the way. I now have all three colors and all are consistently about a half-a-cup-size small. This was especially apparent today. I do think the black one, due to the dye, is even smaller than the others, but oh well. I needed a black bra to match all my black undies, and the black Marcie I have is enormous and angry at me.


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