Fortnight Review: Vega Longline

We’ve reviewed the Maryjane and Mira longlines. Now it is time to review the Vega, which is known to run small in the cup. I will agree with that assessment, since it seems to be one cup-size down from an F. I think it has something to do with the way the material stretches – I’m pretty sure it only stretches in one direction. Anyway. Let us review what I’ve said of Fortnight so far, especially in relation to being short:

*Gorgeous designs

*Slightly androgynous appeal

*Band folds upwards if your belly is higher than the bra anticipates

Okay, so we have that down. Now, let’s look at the Vega, which I purchased as a 30F in a burnt orange/rust color. It’s one of my favorite colors, actually! I have a sweater and a dress in the exact same shade, so that’s something. This one also has my favorite band of the bunch, being thinner than the rest. With the other Fortnights, it sometimes feels like half my back is covered by the band. I can “breathe” better in this band.

Let’s study our specimen.

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Fortnight Review: Mira

Let me talk to y’all about something… The Mira is BEAUTIFUL. It has lovely lace that has a sheen and the lace is super soft. It’s really gorgeous to look at. It looks very luxurious, and I like to live in a fantasy apparently of being wealthy when, in reality, I’m a college student who lives at home and doesn’t pay for food and shelter, thus I can spend money on frivolous undies. Not many people get to say that, but I do have that privilege. If my dad had never had such a good union for his job, I doubt I’d be free to do things like buy Fortnight lingerie.

Anyway, let’s get into the Mira because she is gorgeous. I have a 30F in this.

She doesn’t do anything for me.

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Fortnight Review: Maryjane Longline

First, thank you for checking out my blog! I have seen a sharp rise of people exploring, and that’s super cool to me. I hope you’ve been entertained and possibly helped in deciding if a bra is good for you, or just laughed at how terribly most of my bras have been rated.

I do love lingerie. I don’t love it for the whole “sexy time” factor, either – there’s just something about a bra that gives you a good shape that can pick you up. Or, sometimes, it’s a matter of comfort. That’s why I’m going to discuss some of my comfort bras. I go for these when I’m feeling sore.

Today, I’m feeling pretty sore. My boobs just hurt. I suspect it’s because I wore one of my new Claudettes and that I really should just sell them. I might just do that. I do have a 28FF Dessous in Papaya/Khaki that doesn’t quad nearly as badly, which is weird because it’s a size smaller than my others. I wonder if the mesh they used was different? Hmmm…

We’ve discussed some popular brands thus far on my lovely brog, including Cleo, Avocado, and Claudette. I hope that many of you have found this helpful. Today, we’re going to launch into Fortnight Lingerie, a Canadian brand that I like quite a bit.

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