Are you my boob twin?

I think it’s always helpful to know the shape of your brogger beforehand, as this informs the fit of a lot of things. If something works for me and we’re the same shape, this means you should try it! If something works for me and you have the opposite shape, it’s probably going to be an odd fit for you. So let’s get into it.

Currently, I am a 30E with close-set girls. My roots are high set and extremely short. I have pendulous boobs, or, as I like to say, tubular boobulars. This means that I need immediate projection and a lot of it. It also means my boobs are super concentrated in one spot and nowhere else (thus many cups end up too tall). I have even fullness with some Full-On-Top tendencies – but definitely not Full-On-Bottom tendencies. My root is very, very narrow. Bras known to work for FOB shapes fail terribly on me. Bras known to work for FOT shapes work better in comparison, but can also gape on top.

I have a very narrow frame (11″ from one of my collarbone to the other end), on top of all this, which means my most common gripe is having cups chafing my armpits. You will see me complain about this constantly; bras that have enough volume are often too tall/wide, even those that are noted for being narrow (and even ones with alterations to move in straps). I have actually never seen anyone with the same problem blogging, but if they’re out there and have found successful/comfortable fits, please teach me their ways.

So, with this in mind, my anti-boob twin would be FOB with wide-set girls, tall-rooted, and with shallow projection. If you have any combination of these, my fitting failures might be totally okay on you, which is great news!

I am not a fitting expert and basically don’t know what the hell I’m talking about most of the time. I can only blog from my perspective, so I cannot give you complete assurance for what fits might work on you and which ones might be bad. I can try to give you an idea and I’m welcome to helping if it’s an area of quasi-expertise!