Comexim Review: Coco, 60HH

As prefaced in our last entry, I asked Comexim to shorten the cups and move the straps in, both by 4 cm. As I prefaced before, this led to one bra fitting hella weird. That is the bra we’re gonna talk about. The Coco. What made it weird? Well, I essentially ended up with a plunge instead of a half cup. The cup got longer/taller. I guess this goes to show that the alterations you request can make the bra you order…not the bra you ordered. Needless to say, I was very confused by this Coco, but I’m the only one to blame.

This isn’t to say I don’t like the Coco, though. It’s a weird bra that doesn’t look like a lot of bras. The lace is funny. It’s quirky. I still don’t really care for the bows, but I am, again, very picky. I am fascinated with the fit of the Coco more than anything, though.

Let’s give it a look.

Front view. Not bad, but tall as hell.

Front view. Not bad, but tall as hell.

See? She’s a plunge. Compare to my entry of this bra in a 60H and note the differences.

Okay, so the shape is uplifted and VERY minimizing. It’s incredibly minimizing, really, and comparable to the Fortnight minimizing effect. The difference is that the shaping is quite rounded, though.

Starring Coco and featuring my bathroom. See the minimized, rounded shape?

Starring Coco and featuring my bathroom. See the minimized, rounded shape?

The best way I can think to describe the profile is like this: if you push your titties against a window, that’s the shape. It’s kinda like this bra forces the fullest part of your boob back and makes it spread across a greater area. I suspect this bra will not function well on firm breasts. I’m extremely soft and my boobs were able to be pushed around. This is good news for my drape-y tops, obviously, but I wouldn’t wear the Coco for when I want to take my girls on a walk.

This is a magician bra for instantly shrunk boobies.

This is a magician bra for instantly shrunk boobies.

I did wear the Coco for a few hours and noticed that, at least out of the box, the fabric tends to be rough. The band irritated my skin. The cut also chafed up my poor armpits and it made me unhappy. This is another bra that requires a wash. The material is definitely rougher than that of the Basic. Keep that in mind for the whole breaking in process.

But let’s give this a summary: the Coco I got ended up being a plunge because I wanted weird alterations and had no concept of how they would work, leading to a not-half-cup-half-cup. The profile of Coco is rounded and flattened, like your boobs are pressed against a flat surfaced. The Coco has very minimizing effects and would do well under scrubs or loose tops to avoid the terrible boob-tent effect.

Let’s rate her.

Appearance of bra itself (9/10)—I just hate the bows. I’m sorry. I know many will love the bows, but I’m picky. The rest is very nice.

Appearance of bra on my body (7/10)—Minimizing (I don’t mind, it just means this is a specific-outfit-based bra), but very tall cups that just look, well, tall.

Comfort of…

Straps (9/10)—Seem far apart.

Band (6/10)—Scratchy/rough material that requires breaking in.

Gore (9/10)—No problems, but the material can be irritating.

Underwire (10/10)—Again, no problems.

Cups (8/10)—Rough near the armpits.

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Coco (60HH) gets…

83% – Yeah, sounds about right to me.


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