Comexim Review: Basic (beige) in 60J

I went out on a limb and requested some very strange alterations that made one bra fit wonderfully and another fit, well, hella weird. That’s right—I asked Comexim to shorten the cups 4 cm and move the straps in 4 cm. This was definitely very confusing for them and, in hindsight, a weird thing to ask. They do alterations in the mindset that the bra will fit like x, and when you ask for alterations outside of that zone, the bra fits like y.

So, with this in mind, let’s discuss the Comexim Basic in beige, 60J.

This was actually a success as far as alterations go. I was very pleased with this one. The color is actually kinda spot on. Most beige bras are slightly too dark for me, a poor witch that gets second-hand sun from the moon… A glass of skim milk… A generic hand soap bar… I think you get it—I’m pretty damn pale.

Pretty decent match!

Pretty decent match!

But look! The actual shade is right. We aren’t darker than my ice-white titty/body area, which is pretty nice. This is, however, well, basic. It’s a very basic bra. This is not the bra you’re going to wear for sexy-times-special-occasions. Well, maybe. If your partner is like mine, the bra you’re wearing is very important at all, especially compared to the person who’s wearing it.

I really do like this bra. It’s not “industrial” beige, if that makes sense. It’s very sweet and is attractive enough on its own that I’d still like to show it off. I honestly and truly wish I could just wear lingerie as normal clothing because my lingerie is way more gorgeous and fashionable than my 3 year old shirts. The Basic is one I’d be quite happy to wear out in this hypothetical, we-all-only-wear-undies world.

Starring wrinklies.

Starring wrinklies.

The lift is great. Comexim plunges have a shape I can’t really describe, nor do I understand how they work. How??? I don’t get it. Instinct tells me I need more space in a bra than this, yet the Comexim plunges shake their little bra fingers in my face and prove me wrong. I love the profile. I can tell, of course, that this size is slightly off because of the wrinkling. It isn’t uncomfortable or noticeable under clothes, however, and I’m DEFINITELY not swimming in these cups, so. Whoops. For now, it’s going to enjoy a happy home on me.

Our star from the side. All pictures have been brought to you by my bathroom.

Our star from the side. All pictures have been brought to you by my bathroom.

What about the alterations, you ask? Well, I think that they essentially cut the cup height so that a 60J was actually a decent fit. I’m not troubled by gaps at the top or anything because, well, there ain’t no cup there. I do notice overflow near the gore, which seems like I’ll just have to get used to it if I’m wearing Comexim Basic plunges. Not all are this way, but the Basic has this issue more than the other models – keep that in mind, potential consumers!

Now, as well as reduced cups / strap placement, I also had the gore lowered and the fastener changed from 2×2 hooks to 3×3 hooks. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I actually find the 2×2 more comfortable somehow, so I see no need to request that change again in the future. I’m also sensitive to elastic and fabrics and whatnot, so that probably affects it.

I do have one complaint about this bra, however, but I’m not sure others will have the same problem. After wearing the bra (the day I got it) for about…4-5 hours, I got a rash-like pain right near my armpit, where the side of the cup meets the strap and unfortunately interacts with my armpit. I took the bra off and it looked like a bit of hives was preparing to break loose. Reading up on these things, I think it was a reaction to the elastic on the cup sides as well as fabric starching, so I’ll have to give this baby a wash. Again, I don’t think most people have these reactions, but I unfortunately am always getting my pitties rubbed.

FINE. Let’s rate our dear friend, but I wish you had said “please”!!

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—This is a basic bra, and it looks basic, so, well, there it is. This has a nice beige that won’t make you feel nauseous!!

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)—Nearly a ten. The wrinkling on the cups is just a little bit off, though I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not filling the cups enough or if the fabric lining the outside is slightly loose.

Comfort of…

Straps (10/10)—Can’t complain much here.

Band (9/10)—The Basic has a stretchy band, which I noticed in white as well.

Gore (10/10)—Good good good.

Underwire (10/10)—Nice nice nice.

Cups (6/10)—Slight overflow in the center, wrinkles, and that hives thing near my armpit means we can’t have a perfect 10 here.

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Basic in beige (60J) gets…

91% – Good job, you done it! I’m gonna wash the shit outta you!


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