Lingerie Review: Cleo Lily in aqua/pink (32D)


There are some bras that you don’t notice you’re wearing…and some bras that you only notice you’ve been wearing a lot because it requires a wash much faster than other bras you acquired around the same time. This is exactly what this bra is. I wear it now, and in my typical slouch, it’s extremely comfortable. I consider this a staple and, honestly, would feel like there’s a hole in my bra wardrobe if I didn’t have it.

Cleo Lily remains one of my favorites in terms of shaping. It has a very minimized, centered profile. It’s the sort of bra that I think is best suited for my racerback/racerfront shirts/dresses. Or anything, honestly. It just looks great under anything. Or under nothing. It gives me a confidence boost, basically. I have owned 2 other Lily’s at this point, both of which I don’t believe I’ve properly reviewed, but—they are 30Fs. If you have been keeping up with the Kardashians, you’ll know that I am not a 30F.


The Lily of the Day is a 32D.

Now, on my littler boob, the cup width is great. On my larger boob, it’s right on the cusp of being too small. However, the depth seems appropriate on both, if it’s skimming the small end on Bigger Boob. I’m not bulging out of this bra, and it looks great under clothes. However, this was also the fit description of the 30F, so I’m not sure what sort of witchery… Anyway.


I was very surprised, upon taking these photos, to see how many wrinkles there are on this on me. The wrinkles on the band don’t surprise me, as the band is a 32—thus it’s “technically” too big but genuinely comfortable—but the wrinkles on both cups really do. I’m not sure if it indicates there is too little depth in places or simply too much. I don’t know what my body’s up to anymore. I took these pictures on good old Day One of Period Plague, so, if anything, my boobs are a smidgen bigger than usual.


As a side note, I highly recommend getting photos of your bras with both arms to your sides. Taking a photo one-handed can lead you into thinking something is fitting you different than it does. If you’re like 100% set on getting an A+ perfect fit, do this. As of right now, I don’t really need an A+ fit—like a B- is fine for me—but it remains something to keep in mind for those of you who are getting into bra-fitting and want the Fit.

I suppose there isn’t much to say about this, in total. The color combination isn’t particularly inspiring, but it’s cute. It’s plain. That’s sort of unusual, coming from Cleo, but it’s certainly welcome. They have made many a bra that I would try, for instance, if there were not a neon leopard print. (I don’t even dislike leopard print—I just don’t like it in unusual color ways. I like the newest one they released, actually!) ANYWAY. I would really like to have the parrot variation in this size/a sister size, but this is proving a nearly impossible task. (For any UK followers who wouldn’t mind forwarding me a bra… let me know 😉 Or do you have a 32D parrot Lily you wanna get rid of? I want it. I am dead serious. I will pay for it. Please, please, please. I need to get rid of the 30F one I have but need a replacement…)

Overall, I really enjoy the Lily and I consider it a “basic” staple in my bra wardrobe. It doesn’t really strike me as an elegant or high fashion bra, but a simple one that I rely on pretty regularly. I suppose this is why I’m not excited by it as much. It’s normal. I consider it necessary. You wouldn’t be siked out to write a review about water, right? It’s sort of the same thing. I love it because I need it (as much as one needs any foundational garment!).

I would, however, by PUMPED if Cleo decided to release the Lily again (please do) in black/grey or even like..white/pink (please do). Lily’s newest cut is the Erin, which has only seen the light of day in a pink/white/indigo-ish leopard print, which subsequently means that I won’t buy it. Cleo, if you read this, I love you, but we’ve got to find some different patterns. I would have bought the Erin if it was at least a floral. I get the bright colors bit—that’s your gig—but? I beg of you… Sincerely, a lover of your products and bra enthusiast.


OKAY, back to business. The rating begins.


Aesthetics (23/25): I think it is a solid design and a decent color combination. It doesn’t blow me out of the water, but it serves its purpose—and for what it is, it’s fantastic. It’s very girly, so probably not for everybody, but I like it well enough.

Comfort (25/25): This is so comfortable that I just can’t be bothered to take it off. Honestly. There have been many times where I lie down in bed and remember, after a few moments, that I am still wearing it. That kinda comfort.

Fit (24/25): This is ALMOST perfect, although Bigger Boob is protesting, as per usual. Then the wrinkles. Fit issues cause no comfort issues, so meh.

ArmpitGate2016 (25/25): Wonderful! I haven’t noticed it in the armpits at all. It’s a safe haven for my poor armpits. The mesh used is softer than the type in the Marcie, as a reference, so this definitely contributes to happy armpits.


Overall, the Cleo Lily in blue/pink (32D) gets an 97, or a high A! It is well-deserved and, frankly, what you would expect from a bra that I wear no less than once a week.


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