Lingerie Review: Marcie (30E) in Beige, Burgundy, and Raspberry

HELLO ALL. In the interest of saving time and preventing you from wallowing in despair that I might write three separate Marcie reviews, I decided to do the adult thing and jam them all into one review. After my discovery about a month or two ago that I fit better in a 30E than a 30F, I went all out and bought three Marcies. The beige one was a pretty penny, but I bought the burgundy and raspberry flavors off this awesome website. I find this one to be very reasonably priced, and shipping takes between 1-2 weeks. It might not be as fast as Amazon or bravissimo, but, well, they had what I wanted for cheaper. So I did it. I don’t regret it.

As you all know, I want my boobs to be half-spheres, and the Marcie grants me that wish. Let us look at the girls in their Marcie beds.

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Cleo Review: Marcie, beige (30F)

Hey y’all! It’s that time again! It’s time to…REVIEW!


Yes, I have been bad. I’m sorry. But do not imagine that I have no been stewing about bras—I have! The beige Marcie has been on my mind as of late, as I love how it looks and it’s quite typical in making my ladies look very good.

As Marcie does!

Let’s get into it: I got the 30F Marcie in beige off bravissimo’s website. It was on sale, being $40 (or something like that) instead of the full price, which is $55. I was very pleased with using their website, except for one thing: no tracking. If you’re insane and like to see if your bra has been places, it can be a little unnerving. For about seven days, I fretted over it. Where was it? Did someone take it? Please, bra gods, give me my Marcie and I’ll give you my toes.

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