Cleo Review: the Lily

Okay, let me start off with something: when I like a bra, I will get as many colors as I can find. And I won’t even like all the colors, either, but I’ll like the shape and cut of the bra so much that the colors become secondary. I’ve had this experience with two bras in particular—the first two that were, what I thought, a perfect fit.

The Lily and the Marcie. Marcie’s getting her own post, not to worry.

I have two Lily’s, now, and both are a 30F. I have a light blue with candy-pink trim one and the navy-blue parrot print one. Both are not colors I actually like. In fact, I rarely like any prints or colors that Cleo comes out with. I find them visually appalling as a person who prefers wearing grey and black every day. Less distracting, really. I would pay a good chunk of money for a plain black or grey Lily (can you imagine? Ahhhhh), but Cleo does not seem likely to do that for me. I suspect that Cleo’s designers grew up in a Limited Too store and do not truly know that other colors exist.

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