Etsy Spotlight: Helen Kukovski

Hello dear friends! As I await some bra trades in the mail, I decided to share some of my desires. I am an etsy person, as in, I love etsy. My favorite earrings are from etsy. I love haunting the website for clothing and jewelry – but, especially, lingerie items. The thing is that I have never been at a point that I have purchased it, but I have graduated to the point where I have definite plans to do so once I start getting my income back. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some shops I admire. I’ll tell you what they do, what the basic aesthetic is, why I like them, and the price point. This will be the first in a series and I plan to make this a regular thing!

*$ for $50 or under

*$$ for $50-75

*$$$ for $75-150

*$$$$ for $150-300

*$$$ for $300 up


Helen Kukovski


$47 Sheer Appliqué Heart Underwired Bra. I must be all about embroidered heart nips lately but I do not care.

Helen Kukovski’s shop is based in Ukraine and has been on etsy since 2014. You can find her non-etsy website here. She has slightly different offerings on her etsy and the official website (for instance, the bra I included here is not on her official site, from what I can see). I love her “About the Brand” page, which discusses how she originally got into selling clothing because she made slippers out of giant sweaters. She seems really cool, in my opinion. I am really interested to see how her pieces would fit me – I’d especially want to see if I could get the center gore on that piece above to be overlapping (as it is, it’s definitely too wide for my body). She does state that she does orders to custom measurements, which is great, as it seems that she generally uses matrix sizing for her bras.


$70 High Waisted Lingerie Set. I am a sucker for high waist bottoms, especially with that strap detail.

$$ – Fantastic price point, in my opinion. You can get whole sets (bralettes/undies) for $55 in some cases – or including a garter for $75. Her underwired bras cost closer to the $40-60 range. She has swimsuits also in that same range. For what you are getting, this is really good. The quality looks great and she has extremely good ratings. Support your local (or overseas) small lingerie designers!


$35 Black lace bralette. I don’t think this is really going to support the girls if yours are heavy (mine are, sob), but I think this is an awesome and beautiful layering piece (drool).

I can tell you that Helen Kukovski’s shop is all about lines. It’s also all about mesh, sheer stuff, appliqués – you get it. You might notice that those are all things I really like, too. She also has a halter lace bralette (see above), and because I’ve been lusting after a similar style, I just might take her up on it!

What is your favorite etsy shop?



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