Lingerie Harnesses

It just occurred to me that I am making harnesses and that this blog is “Brog with a Dog”, the leading mascot being my dog who wears a harness. In any case, this is not about harnesses for our friends with more legs than we have, but about a personal project I wanted to share…

Lingerie harnesses!

Alright, so I realized that what I truly desired – a pretty, silky looking (silver/grey) harness that wasn’t very kinky looking yet had interesting shapes and lines in it – was something I couldn’t find online. There is a multitude of black harnesses and white ones – both made of elastic. Some are made with particularly thick elastic. Some have enormous rings that hold certain straps together. Others are made of leather and are studded and… Well, you get it. I had a very specific thing in mind and I could not find it. So I decided – hey, I’ll do it myself.

The good news is that it’s actually pretty fun. Designing a harness is something that is particularly interesting because you can only do so many things, so you have to find a way to accomplish an idea within certain limitations. There are certain shapes you can’t make. There are certain elements that are necessary in every construction in order for it to stay on the body.

My sketchbook is full of designs as we speak, and I got around to making three today.


Side note – I hate this type of “collar” and don’t recommend it if you are particularly sensitive.

The white design is not original or unique in any way. It’s not only something that you can easily find on etsy, but it’s basically the easiest way to construct a harness in general. It only requires three pieces of elastic and might take a half hour to make if you’re sewing by hand. A way you could spiffy this up would be to use rings at the intersections, but – essentially, I am absolutely sure you (yes, you!) could make this yourself. I can actually only see this being a good wear with bras that are the same neutral white color, like the Comexim Basic in white or bras with neutral white as an accent color.



Next up we have the silver design. I got a lot of silver elastic now, actually, but this is a great elastic to pair with the Comexim Luna. The color is slightly lighter than the center bow, but I think this is a fantastic way to spiffy up the Luna (which I still love). This was the first I constructed and is therefore the roughest looking, and I am awaiting different color rings/sliders before I make this properly again. SO FUN.


I am trying to think of a pun but all I can think of is Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, which is in my heart as one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

AND FINALLY a black one. I totally understand the appeal of using black elastic. It’s forgiving and you can’t see threading too easily, but I am sort of scratching my head as to what I can match the black with, especially with this shape. The Green Velvet is a possibility, but I would want to pair it with something that had black as an accent color. Hmm.


ANYWAY, that’s all for now! It is actually pretty easy to construct a harness. You might have more trouble coming up with designs than you would with the actual construction. I hope this might give y’all a few ideas! A harness can be a great way to spiffy up an otherwise boring bra, or to just add more glamor onto a bra that’s already glamorous. If you get creative, you can find ways to make the harness invisible under normal clothing so that it’s just as apparent as your bra itself is – then it’s just an exciting secret that only you know that you’re wearing and then you’re feeling a little bit fancy about it.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.


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