Lingerie Review: Soutien gorge Armature Mélusine (80DD) by Lejaby


AKA, a mouthful.

Lejaby is a French brand that I did not know existed until, say, about 2 weeks ago. A fantastic person pointed out this bra to me, knowing my weakness for pretty things, and I decided to snag it. It was about $30 in total for the bra and its shipping, which is nowhere near where Lejaby sells its bras (hint: it is a lot more than 30). I had just been thinking that I needed an interesting floral bra again, knowing that my Kyoto is a no go and I have never been able to find a replacement for it…

ANYWAY. Onto our star. If you know a lick of French, please tell me if I’ve typed even the title correctly. Google translate tells me that it’s just “Full Cup Bra Mesuline”. I am really not familiar with French, admittedly.


From this angle, it almost looks like my girls have shrunk!

Here we are from the front! As I look at this more, I realize this bra is too large for me. But, I have to preface that I am editing my original review. I removed the top elastic from the cups because they cut in, and while this solved THAT problem, it has created another: wrinkly, loose cups. I have no idea what my size is anymore, just that I would order this in a 30D in the future instead of a 30DD.


This is another one of those bras that is hard to photograph true to color. It really is gorgeous.

I am also not a big fan of the center rosette or the ones of the straps, which really remind me of my grandmother and the outfits she liked sewing for our dolls. They just don’t feel like they belong there, however, I’m not sure what would replace them. As well as this, the straps are only half adjustable, but they adjust to a good length for me (take note, fellow shorties).


I do love this bra. It looks like stained glass that needs to be colored in. Or, you know, a coloring book. Of course, my amateur alteration ended up sort of ruining the fit (LOL can you tell?!), but it works under clothes very well.

Look at how damn pretty this is. This is a very interesting version of the floral bra – instead of pinks and purples and colorful flowers, we have their outlines. It honestly is like looking at a stained glass window that just hasn’t been colored in yet. That is exactly what the pattern reminds me of and I have never seen anything quite like it. It also has some vaguely spiderweb shapes that are really something to look at.

I am certain you have also noticed this: MY ARMPITS ARE SAFE. Can you believe? Can you? I am so happy. They do go into the ole pitties when I’m hunched over, but behave very nicely when my posture is normal/typical.

Also, you can see from this picture that I am getting a shape fairly similar to the one I had with my Avocado one – slightly pointy at the apex. You can also see that the top ribbon is cutting in at the boob. I plan to remove the ribbon like so.


For all your floral bra hook needs. This is a little flimsy, though, as it’s only attached to the band from one edge. I still like it and would love to see more brands do this.

(You can see the elastic I removed there… Your local blogger is a fool and regrets it.)

Look at this adorable detail. I cannot take it. This is so precious and it’s not something I’ve ever had on my bras before (granted I realize it is something that is sometimes done). This is also a fairly accurate read of the color – it’s a burgundy/purple sort of combination. By now, you must know that I am a huge fan of burgundy, so this was fantastic news to me.

SO WHAT ELSE IS THERE? The size of this one is 80DD, which is a 65DD or 30DD. The depth of this one is 9″, which is closer to an E or F cup. Take note of that if you look for this bra and want one for yourself: size down. Absolutely size down. This would not fit me at all in an E or F. I do not think this bra would work well on shallow breast shapes (it’s just too projected – almost too projected for me, even!), but would probably be a great fit for someone with more lower fullness than upper fullness!

I am very pleased with this brand and will look for it on more random ebay deals.


You know it’s a fancy bra when you see metal on it.


Appearance of bra itself (9.5/10)—This is a very interesting and unique bra. It has adorable details and a global pattern that takes you to stained glass windows and pretty things. A half point off for the rosettes, though.

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)—This is not a BAD fit, but I am not fond of the pointy aspect. It still looks very nice!

Comfort of…

Straps (7/10)—While they are successful on me, they are not fully adjustable. They are also not a stretchy material, which means that when I’m hunched forward, they don’t stretch out to accommodate my Around the armpits/boob? That takes away some comfort aspects of this and if I could, I would move the straps inward 0.5″.

Band (9/10)—The band is comfortable enough, but I can see the elastic annoying me after long periods of wear. The band is actually stretchier than the straps.

Gore (6/10)—A wonderfully low gore!! I am very impressed and delighted that this is really a true plunge.

Underwire (6/10)—Very stiff underwires. This means they retain their shape, but also..they’re just hard. I will note, however, that the underwires are a good length and width (the width being a touch under 5″).

Cups (8/10)—I don’t like that the top cuts in on my tissue and I’m pretty sure this must be because of my top fullness and squishy tissue. Surprisingly, the cups have a little room to spare. Seeing as this is a full cup bra, it’s slightly too tall and has room at the very top (which always happens when I wear full cup ones – this one is “lower” though). Update: After foolishly removing the top elastic, it doesn’t cut in, but it sure gapes. The cups are wrinkly and are just too much, however, it is not uncomfortable.

Overall rating, then? The Lejaby  Armature Mélusine (80DD) gets…

78% – You’re passing, lady! But you still have a little studying to go.


What are your favorite floral bras, friends? I wanna see some pretty things!


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