So you want to buy Comexim, eh?

I have been thinking about certain things and certain brands, including why I like them, what’s good, what’s bad…and so on. I decided to make a little post about Comexim and what to keep in mind when ordering from them.

What’s my size?

This is a pretty standard question. I honestly still don’t know what my proper size in Comexim is. I am a 30E as of today, but I can wear a 60H, 60HH, and a 65G. Different bra styles have size considerations. For half cups, for instance, you want to go up one cup size (so if you’re a 70H, go to 70HH) because the cups are shallower. Then, you have the Basic, which tends to run small in the cups.

How consistent is Comexim?

This is a tricky thing. Sometimes, all my items came out exactly as I asked. But this is not always how it is. Things don’t often translate, I guess, perfectly, so I don’t always get the alterations I requested. Sometimes, I’ll order two bras in the same size, and one will be significantly smaller than the other. Because Comexim doesn’t have a giant factory, there are variations in construction. This is both a charm and a curse because these variations can make or break a fit, or add a bonus or take away from a bra. I’ve gotten 3 hook backs without asking for them, which is a plus. I’ve gotten 2 hook bands when I’ve asked for 3 hook, which can be frustrating.

How can I know if I’m getting the proper alterations I asked for?

I would advise you not to ask for any alterations if you’re ordering for the first time. That way, you get to see what the standard is, and you can go from there. And how can you know? Some things are super obvious, like hooks or if you ask for something as a half cup or plunge. Visible, obvious, and so on. Other things aren’t immediately apparent, like strap placement or cup height or gore height. From what I can see, when you ask for something reduced, about a half inch goes off (for cup height AND gore height). I am not sure about strap placement in that regard. Overall, it’s always a slight gamble. I’ve never had something completely not work at all, and Anna is always good with emails (so I imagine if something is really horrible, you could work something out).

Why buy from them? Why not Ewa Michalak? Why not Avocado?

Why not any of them? More bras for all! But Comexim is, in general, the least expensive option, which is an instant plus for me. Comexim is also less confusing, in my experience, because you don’t have 30 cuts to choose from (which is why I’m still terrified of EM, even if I like their designs). Comexim is also very receptive to customer needs, readily performing alterations. It’s customizable. Plus, their designs are very cute. Sometimes strange, yes, but I can only think of a handful of designs they’ve made that I wouldn’t wear.

What about shipping? How long does everything take? Help me?

Shipping itself can be odd. Sometimes, it’ll take a week or more before I get the email that my order is being shipped. Sometimes, I don’t get the shipping number either unless I ask for it, or I’ll have it emailed to me the day before it’s at my house. That’s what you can expect, since the bras are made just for each order, and there doesn’t seem to be a batch of ready-made bras. You’re not getting two-day shipping, no matter what you do. The shipping can be about a week from where I am (the northeast in the US), but this might differ if you’re elsewhere in the US, or not in the US at all (don’t worry, I know the internet is not entirely populated by Americans!). I would estimate that it takes 2-4 weeks for me, considering my location, so keep that in mind.

What’s good about Comexim, anyway?

WIRES, WIRES, WIRES. If you’re super narrow and projected, these wires are awesome. I don’t have any other bras that sit in my IMF – just Comexim. The fact that you can customize is so awesome, too. As you know, my armpits are constantly threatened by bras, and they can evade that threat with Comexim (when I remember to ask for strap placement…I’m a fool I’M SORRY). It’s a great option for a lot of people, honestly, because of how much you can have tailored to you. Yeah, there’s a risk that some alterations won’t be done, but when they are, it’s very ahhhh (in a good way). I will continue buying from them, honestly, having realistic expectations.

Have any questions?

I’m not actually an expert in any way, and I’m writing from experience. I pay for everything I review, so I try to be honest. Sometimes, the bras don’t work on me. Sometimes, my boobs hurt and I don’t know if it’s my hormonal body or an angry bra. And I know my experience is subjective, but I can try to answer any questions you have! I probably won’t be any good with size recommendations, though, BUT I CAN TRY.

Much loves.

Many bra reviews to write.



4 thoughts on “So you want to buy Comexim, eh?

  1. I love Comexim…I think your guide is great…one question: do you have any idea if the alterations have started being payed? I’ve heard something about it :/

    I have an Ingrid and I couldn’t resist a Sonia as well…hopefully this baby and the Elena I also ordered will come soon! ❤

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


    • YIKES how have I not answered this before? I am so sorry. As far as I know, there isn’t an alteration charge and I have not seen it reported. I love the Ingrid~ You are so lucky!


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