Comexim Review: Geisha

I was pleased to receive the Comexim Geisha with reduced cups/straps moved inward in a 60HH from a fellow bratabase-user yesterday. It was a wonderful day to get it, too, since I had to promptly go to work for very naughty dogs that did NOT want a bath! I tried the bra on, took a few pictures, took it off, and ran to work. While dogs ran around and had many accidents on the floor because of the seemingly unending thunderstorm, I thought about my three minutes wearing the Geisha and came to one conclusion:

That band is fucking tight.

Measuring it, it stretched only to 27.5 inches. My underbust measures 27″ break the tape and 28.5″ snug. So, there was an inch my body wanted and couldn’t have. WHAT WILL WE DO ABOUT THIS, you ask. It’s simple. An extender! I have 2-hook ones and am getting a 3-hook one tomorrow. Why would I be so invested?

I love this bra.

Where you been all my life?

Where you been all my life?

The Geisha is a bra I did not actually like at first. Why wouldn’t I like it? Well, I thought it would be $75 and overly ornate. The great thing is that I was wrong, and it’s my first Comexim bra that actually fits VERY WELL (though the cups could be even shorter, but alas, every cup could stand to be shorter when you have my body). The gore is right (and standard, actually, so it seems I don’t really NEED a gore reduction), the straps are right, the wings are right, and the print…

How do they do colors? Huh? How that work? Hmm? Well?

How do they do colors? Huh? How that work? Hmm? Well?

Well, look at it. It’s supremely understated. I had the false impression that the Geisha was a “shiny” bra, and it isn’t, and I’m very happy. The detail is the right amount – I’m not even sure how they line up the colors beneath the black lace, which is very mind-boggling, but it looks so nice. What I do find sort of funny is that the cups are so close together and projected that the bow on the gore is just sort of smushed forward, folding together at the front. This doesn’t bother me.

Let’s get some other looks. I tried to get fancy with our photos, here, like I’m a professional blog.

No quadding on either side! YASSS!

No quadding on either side! YASSS!

What a nice profile! What a fun armpit! What adventures will our heroes have?

What a nice profile! What a fun armpit! What adventures will our heroes have?

Okay, let’s rate the Geisha, as we are all waiting for…

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Solid construction and great aesthetic. How do those colors work??? Hm??

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)—ALMOST a 10. The reason it isn’t is that you can tell the band is too tight and is distorting. The extender will definitely stop this issue.

Comfort of…

Straps (10/10)—Perfectly nice and not nearly as wide as I found on the Basic, which were .75″ (these ones were .63″, which ends up being a big difference).

Band (7/10)—An inch too small – will not be able to properly wear until I have an extender.

Gore (10/10)—No sternum pain to speak of whatsoever.

Underwire (10/10)—Lovely lovely wires.

Cups (10/10)—No quadding! I’m filling everything! No gaping! What is this magic? HMM?

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Geisha gets…

94% – Well deserved, and let’s toast to the hope that your band will stretch out at least a half an inch within the next few months~


4 thoughts on “Comexim Review: Geisha

  1. jlcl119 says:

    I was also under the impression that this was a shiny bra. I’m so happy you pointed out that it’s not! It’ll be a part of my next Comexim order once I have my size dialed in.


    • I don’t think I would have liked it if it was, honestly! This is one bra I was glad to be wrong about, lol. : ) Good luck and I hope you figure out your size!


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