Comexim: Vivien (60HH)

Hello again, dear brog readers. Today, I’ve come to discuss the Comexim Vivien. Let’s preface this, again, with a few things: 60HH, reduced cups/gore, straps moved in, and 3 hook back. WHEW! Let’s get into it because I was very excited about the Vivien. It’s dark purple and I love dark purple. It has a floral pattern that is not my grandmother’s couch and is also not a Limited Too t-shirt. These are good things. Vivien has a lot going for her and I wanted her to be perfect.

Alas, I have a brog, and I will tell you the basic issue with Vivien: quad time.

Now, don’t get me wrong: she’s attractive. Again, not a “sexy” bra, but cute and more mature than other floral patterns I’ve encountered without being TOO mature. She’s a good medium between young and old and sophisticated and bra-made-of-duct-tape. I LOVE the kind of purple they’ve used. It’s understated, dark, and is neither too reddish or bluish.

Here’s a thought: why do we name bras after girls? Aerie has the Sophie, Kate, Bridget… Comexim has the Vivien, Ginger… What’s up with lady name bras? I want to see guy’s underwear named Matthew and Jerome and see if that makes a difference in how they sell. HMMM.

Okay, I digress, let’s look at this one.

Not bad from the front, eh?

Not bad from the front, eh?

Here you can see the colors quite well. This bra is MUTED. The pictures on Comexim make it look a little more vibrant than it is, but it’s actually very “quiet”, if you will. Not a show stopping number. But damn, I really really love the mixture of colors here. The bows are a reddish purple, which I really like. If you can see the dark purple trim on the top of the cup, that’s the color of the band on the sides and the straps. I dig it.

Getting a spot of quad, aren't we... Get it together, Vivien and the Titties! (An up and coming alternative rock band, maybe.)

Getting a spot of quad, aren’t we… Get it together, Vivien and the Titties! (An up and coming alternative rock band, maybe.)

Alas, the quad is back, and that’s super unfortunate. I really like this bra. Why must we be quadding, ladies? What’s the plan? Why ain’t you fitting?

Hand's up to show you the extent of the quad on my larger side. Yeah... It's not working...

Hand’s up to show you the extent of the quad on my larger side. Yeah… It’s not working…

This is another unfortunate bra that I cannot wear. The cup cuts in at my own apex and causes overflow. This is unfortunately not a match, and I will sell this number, but I am sad. I wanted a nice, pretty, purple bra. But hey, I wanted Ginger, too, and she betrayed my trust.

Let’s give a summary: things are good. Safe armpits. No chafing. Gore is nice. Pattern and colors are great (understated however). STUPID QUAD RUINS IT and I can’t wear it. If I only had less upper/center fullness, this would be much better.

Rating time.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Muted, dark floral that is very pretty.

Appearance of bra on my body (6/10)—Damn quad.

Comfort of…

Straps (10/10)—Perfectly fine.

Band (10/10)—Again, no issue.

Gore (10/10)—Very nice, and comfortably low.

Underwire (10/10)—Good width.

Cups (6/10)—Stupid stupid quad. 😡

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Vivien (60HH) gets…

89% – Passing, has a high grade, but ultimately unwearable.


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