Lingerie Review: Marcie (30E) in Beige, Burgundy, and Raspberry

HELLO ALL. In the interest of saving time and preventing you from wallowing in despair that I might write three separate Marcie reviews, I decided to do the adult thing and jam them all into one review. After my discovery about a month or two ago that I fit better in a 30E than a 30F, I went all out and bought three Marcies. The beige one was a pretty penny, but I bought the burgundy and raspberry flavors off this awesome website. I find this one to be very reasonably priced, and shipping takes between 1-2 weeks. It might not be as fast as Amazon or bravissimo, but, well, they had what I wanted for cheaper. So I did it. I don’t regret it.

As you all know, I want my boobs to be half-spheres, and the Marcie grants me that wish. Let us look at the girls in their Marcie beds.

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Cleo Review: Marcie, beige (30F)

Hey y’all! It’s that time again! It’s time to…REVIEW!


Yes, I have been bad. I’m sorry. But do not imagine that I have no been stewing about bras—I have! The beige Marcie has been on my mind as of late, as I love how it looks and it’s quite typical in making my ladies look very good.

As Marcie does!

Let’s get into it: I got the 30F Marcie in beige off bravissimo’s website. It was on sale, being $40 (or something like that) instead of the full price, which is $55. I was very pleased with using their website, except for one thing: no tracking. If you’re insane and like to see if your bra has been places, it can be a little unnerving. For about seven days, I fretted over it. Where was it? Did someone take it? Please, bra gods, give me my Marcie and I’ll give you my toes.

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Cleo: Marcie (pink) in 30F

I love the Marcie, guys. I truly do. I finally have the 30F I wanted in the color I wanted. Will I get the beige one, eventually? Yes, of course, but I’ll wait for now. I’m just so happy to NOT quad out of a new bra. These angry, disrespectful, period-coming-so-we’re-bulking-up boobs are fitting without bulging out of the top of this bra, so I’m very pleased. I wonder if my Comexim order is just unusually small or something? I don’t know, but these boobies better calm down.

At the very least, I have a bra that I KNEW would give the perfect shape, and I was right. I know what to expect from the Marcie, and it’s wonderful half-basketball-shaped boobs. That’s the shape I’m into.

I am wearing this bra right now, in fact, and I was very happy when I finally got it. I love the Marcie. It’s one of my very favorite bras ever. I love the super rounded, projected shape I get without lining. This bra will always have a special place in my cold, bra-obsessed heart. 🙂 This is a 30F. My old one was a 32E. Sister sizes, yes! And the 30F is much less horrifically uncomfortable than the yellow 28FF Marcie. That was literally painful!

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Cleo Review: Marcie (yellow) in 28FF

One of my all time favorite bras is the Marcie. I have three Marcies—well, okay, now I have four Marcies. I received a 28FF through the wonderful braswap reddit and decided that this bra is kinda painful in a 28FF. I wore the bra for about three hours before I caved in and unhooked the back. Instant relief. I made a small noise of complete glee that startled my partner.

Comparing the 32E and the 28FF shows me a few things (note that both are in the yellow colorway)—my 32E is lower-cut around the armpits and is just less wide. The 28FF has wider cups that go way up in my armpit, and the underwires are really painful for me. This is a sad affair. The 28FF also does not give me that wonderful half-a-basketball shape that I so desire that the 32E gives me. What to do? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll sell it. For now, I’ll stare at it and try to will it into working better. It’s just frustrating because the underwires are off in armpit land, where they don’t even have a visa, and they’re trying to contain my imaginary armpit boob. There will never be boob there, you foolish bra.


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