Lingerie Review: Agent Provocateur’s Fifi in 32DD


Hello dear friends! It has been a while, hasn’t it? While I haven’t updated in some time, I have still been exploring lingerie. As of late, I have been scouring eBay for Agent Provocateur pieces, and inadvertently became a bidding ninja. This means that I actually have a handful of pieces I need to review!


I have decided to start with my favorite—the Fifi. The Fifi is in AP’s classics range. (I’ll confess that I have this bra in black, and black/pink as well. It seems that all I need is the red variation, huh?) It is also my biggest success in AP thus far as far as shaping and support go, and I will get into why this is. This particular bra is in a 32DD. A general rule, I’ve found, is that AP consistently runs a cup size small. Keep that in mind if you purchase from them!


First of all, isn’t this gorgeous? The cups come in two parts—the bottom part is molded much like a typical T-shirt bra, and the top section is (hooray!) made of stretch lace. This stretch lace is your friend. Because of the stretch lace, my upper fullness has room to breathe. In most of my other AP pieces, there is thick elastic on the top edge of the cup, and Fifi (thankfully) lacks that!

I will note that the gore was too wide, thus I narrowed it. This improved the fit immensely. Please keep this in mind, as most AP gores tend to err on the wider side (perhaps great for you, but not so much for me). So if you see any stray threads around the gore, you’re seeing my handiwork!


You will notice that Fifi is extremely frilly. You will notice, too, that the satin line at the cup’s center sticks out a bit. This does mean, unfortunately, that the Fifi is out of the question for any thin tops/dresses. Fifi functions perfectly well under my tops/dresses made of thicker material, however—so keep this in mind. Thicker materials force the frills to stay down.

I would say, overall, that Fifi is not a summer bra (has that stopped me? …no) for the above reason.


One thing I don’t really like, unfortunately, is how…how thin the band is. I’ve never seen such a thin band! I don’t find the band to be too tight or too loose, however, despite its thinness.

Alright, time to rate Fifi!

Aesthetics (24/25): Fifi is possibly the frilliest bra in my possession. It is sugar-sweet and a bit youthful, but does not tread into Cleo territory. I really enjoy this bra (good thing, since I have 2 other Fifis) and am especially fond of the entire set. The suspender belt is one of my most treasured pieces (good thing, since I have 2…).

Comfort (24/25): My sole complaint with the Fifi is that the band is just so narrow that I find myself very aware of it. If I could change Fifi at all, I would make the band thicker. It still has good elasticity and doesn’t ride up tremendously, so the rating remains high.

Fit (20/25): Here’s the thing—AP isn’t built for my particular shape. It is definitely better for full-on-bottom shapes than it is for even/full-on-top. With this in mind, Fifi’s stretch lace makes it a viable option for those of us who fall into the latter categories. (Think of it like the Panache Andorra or Jasmine: the stretch lace makes it versatile and accommodating to different shapes!) So the fit is not an A+ in itself, but is one of the best ones I have encountered with AP.

ArmpitGate2016 (25/25): Your local brogger happily reports no armpit problems whatsoever.


Overall, the AP Fifi in cream (32D) gets a 93, or a low A! I recommend the Fifi to anyone who needs space for upper fullness, as it is one of the few AP options that offers just that.

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