Lingerie Review: Comexim “Luna” (60H) Revisited


Back in the day, your local brogger wrote a raving review about the Comexim Luna. Honestly, I consider that review to belong to the Time Where My Brog Sucked, so Luna deserves better. As a part of a series I think we should really look at, anyway, I wanted to demonstrate how my bras have held up over time, what thoughts have changed, and so on. Thus we find ourselves back with Comexim and back with the 60H Luna…


Check out that wrinkle on Bigger Boob! 

I still like this bra. Aesthetically, it’s still very charming. At this point, I am still just a little over the moon about its good looks. The print is sort of pixelated, I’ve realized. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means that while I know it’s a print of the moon, it might require a little explaining to be understood. So it isn’t for everyone, I’d say. Ya dig?! Also, I have decided to accept the lace at the top of the cups, where I didn’t before.


Lift/shape is still pretty good!

Funnily enough, this is a bra I genuinely can’t wear without an extender. It will hook without one, but I hate how it feels without one. So I think that the Luna’s band is pretty firm, considering that I have NEVER worn it without an extender and it has not stretched to the point where I could comfortably wear it alone. For small bands, this is great! For me, who realizes she wants a looser band, this is not so great. But if you want a band that will not be stretched out easily, Luna will be your star.

When I first got the Luna, I could not believe how damn soft it was. At this point, about a year later, it isn’t as soft as it used to be on the inside. I will tell you that! It isn’t uncomfortable, mind you, but the inside no longer has that pillow-like softness. The fabric on the outside, however, has remained VERY soft. Amazingly soft, really. Light years ahead of any other bra I own in terms of that softness.


Alas, this bra’s fit imperfections make me feel like a lunatic…

Now that I’ve had the Luna for a while, I can tell you that it’s too shallow for me and that despite the cups being relatively low, it’s also too tall. I get gapping at the top because I have no boob above a certain point, being as pendulous as I am. I think that if your tissue is more spaced out than mine, you’d have better luck. But with that in mind, the Luna doesn’t stay in my IMF, despite being a good width fit for me, because my unruly/ungrateful/freeloading boobs push the cups down, as they need more immediate projection than the Luna has.

As far as plunges go, I realize this is a common problem I personally encounter with Comexim. It seems like the styles I’m really into are the shallow ones (I’m still angry at the Ginger bra, after all this time), which brings me to the unfortunate conclusion that I am still all question marks about my size and that I have bad luck with the things I like. Oh well. That isn’t Comexim’s fault, and I still recommend them, but I’ll tell you that the Luna fits especially badly around that time of the moonth.


Luna and I have some distance between us, as you can see.

Your local brogger has also decided to use a new system of rating for simplicity’s sake, which you will see, as we’re going to rate Luna.


Aesthetics (23/25): I still love how this bra looks. I do wish I could change certain small things (the straps are off-white in a way the moon print isn’t), hence the small points off.

Comfort (12/25): This rating might surprise you, but Luna becomes uncomfortable for me pretty quickly. It makes me feel like my boobs are getting smushed into my chest, which is normally not painful, but it leaves my boobs aching at the end of the day. Factor in the wires, which won’t stay in my IMF – they move down and hurt my ribs. Factor in the band, which has not stretched, but it’s basically a 28 band where nowadays I want a 30/32 band. I feel the elastic digging in. (So take my thoughts with a grain of salt. If you want a solid 28 band, Luna is your friend.) So while I love Luna, it isn’t my most comfortable bra, even if the fabric is amazing. I find myself glad to take it off. I also never wear it around PMS/period time for this reason.

Fit (20/25): This is not a perfect fit in that it is both too much bra and not enough bra all at once. It behaves well under clothes, and its fit issues are not visible under any shirt/top/dress I own, but it is not a “perfect” fit. This imperfection in fit actually contributes to how comfortable it is, too.

ArmpitGate2016 (20/25): Luna is a mild offender in this case. The other fit issues are more bothersome to me than the armpit thing, and if you’ve read this brog for some time, you know that the Armpit Thing is my daily battle, and also what gives me the most grief in a bra. Luna is on that cusp of armpit territory in that I don’t necessarily notice it around the pits unless I’ve got my arms up/forward, and because the softness is not what it used to be, I find this more aggravating than before.

Overall, Luna gets a 75, or a C. I hope you found this helpful!

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