Lingerie Review: Cleo “Marcie” in 30E (yellow)


If you have been following us (me) for some time, you are familiar with the Marcie. It is my love affair in lingerie. It is the bra I just can’t quit. It is the bra I try throwing at anyone who asks because of how much I love it and how much I want others to love it, too. The Marcie is my platonic wife of a bra.


If Marcie was a person, we would be at least dating.

Today, we are looking at the yellow color way in a 30E. To preface, I have come to accept that this one is too big in the cup and requires really tightened straps to work. It wrinkles a lot on Little Bit (just a name I’ve decided to give my smaller boob), and in a sitting position (the one I’m in as I type this), the tops of the cups gape outward. In fact, you can somewhat see this in the picture above!

The Marcie is one of those bras that typically works best for very projected, full on top shapes. I am very projected, however, my upper fullness is not enough for the Marcie. This is why it gapes. I am curious if in a 30DD, the cup would be better. Lately, I have been reconsidering my size. It seems that is all I do lately. My bra size keeps me up at night… If anyone has a 30E Lily to lend me just to test, I think I’ll be able to sleep better.


I knew that yellow belly button ring would match something some day!

The yellow Marcie is a rarity for many reasons (to me, that is). It is a VERY BRIGHT yellow that is not particularly flattering against my complexion, but I still love it. It is one of the few bras for which I have the complete set (undies!) and I genuinely like the undies. I want more of them. The frills are perfect. (Of course, I don’t recommend them for tight leggings or whathaveyou, as they aren’t invisible. In jean shorts, however, I’m doing fine.) I took these in a UK size 10. My shape is apparently not suited for most underwear, as it sags slightly in the butt area but would not work in a smaller size; the elastic would cut in too much on the hip area, and I get super irritated by tight elastic. As a frame of reference, I fit in aerie undies as XS and sometimes S. I am an extreme case of flat butt, so if you have a butt with even a little bit of cushion to it, you should be fine.

Back to business.

Marcie is honestly one of my very favorite bras in the world. It is one of the most comfortable bras I own and gives me a super round shape I have never had with any other bra. I love the rounded shape and wish my boobs could do that by themselves. That is my personal preference, though!


Marcie is not your best bet for minimizing your set, honestly. It does not make them look any larger or more obvious, but it has zero-flattening to it. Due to its projected nature and its design by wiser wizards, it holds everything forward and up. You can’t hide your girls! Okay, you understand my meaning by now.

Again, Marcie is great for projected (VERY projected) shapes with a lot of upper fullness. The basic requirement is projection, as I’ve seen Marcie work on some full on bottom shapes as well as even shapes (like me, where it’s still workable). I would not recommend Marcie to shallow shapes at all, as the cups will be too deep and it’ll be wrinkle city (wrinkles are a deal breaker for me, and maybe you as well). I’m pretty projected myself and it’s almost too deep for me!


Te amo Marcie!

I think we have rambled too long by now, so let’s rate it!

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Cute, sweet, girly, bright. I think this would look better on someone with a darker skin tone than mine, since it makes me look extremely pink. It’s a very warm yellow.

Appearance of bra on my body (8/10)—The gapping and wrinkling gives it some points off. Even so, it provides fabulous shaping, as I love the overly rounded shape.

Comfort of…

Straps (9/10)—Fully adjustable, however, I wish I could move them inward.

Band (10/10)—I have no issues with this band. I got this one second hand and it basically stretches to 31″, which I’ve realized is ideal for me.

Gore (8/10)—The gore feels slightly too tall for me. It tacks, but it digs in.

Underwire (7/10)—These underwires are too long for me, so they bother my sternum and underarms. #ArmpitGate2K16

Cups (7/10)—These cups aggravate my armpits (of course, this is the running theme of my brog). They are basically too tall. The gaping is not uncomfortable in particular, but the armpit business is!

What did Marcie get? The Cleo Marcie (30E) gets…

84% – I love Marcie. Marcie is the reason I tolerate some of Cleo’s more questionable patterns/designs – since I know Cleo can make magic happen, I’ll allow it. (I feel like I’m always giving Cleo a hard time, but I love the brand and my criticism comes from that place of love!) Marcie is amazing and cute.

Have you tried Marcie or any Cleo bras? What was your experience?



4 thoughts on “Lingerie Review: Cleo “Marcie” in 30E (yellow)

  1. Out of my 3 unpadded Cleo bras, Marcie is my favorite! I own a orange and magenta one (cute as a bottom!) in 28F, a Lucy in red orange in 28FF and a orange Kali in 28FF, as the most comfortable one is Marcie, hands down. Lucy though, gives me a rounder shape of all three.

    This set is suuuper cute on you! Maybe you should try 30DD, yes!

    I also love the editing of the pictures, the contrast works really well! ❤

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


    • I agree! How do you like the Kali? I know it wouldn’t work because it isn’t a full band but I LOVE the hearts on it. I wish the Lucy worked for me! And thank you 💗 I would love to try a 30DD in it. And thank you about the photos! I’ve been trying to step it up LOL.


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