Lingerie Review: Comexim Green Velvet (60H)




This bra was a pain to capture accurately! Next to my pasty complexion, the camera kept making it black.

Green Velvet is one of those oddball Comexim bras that you cannot find anywhere, as it’s discontinued. (Seems that I’ve been about discontinued bras/brands lately – I guess that shows how much I always want what I can’t have!) Today, I bring it to you as a second-hand purchase which is both gorgeous yet not precisely my best fit. What else is really new, though? It’s a beauteous thing, a dark green color with a raised velvet pattern in the same shade. Hence the name.

Yet Green Velvet does not truly fit me. Let’s talk about how.


Take note of wrinkles where the strap meets the cup. It’s especially visible to your left as a viewer, and that’s Bigger Boob!

As you can see, from the front, it’s pretty nice looking. It’s an awesome bra. It’s sort of weird. I would not say it’s particularly sexy, but I would say it’s fabulous for when you want to feel like a witch who lives in a forest and has the ability to make plants pop out of the ground at will. Really, though. Nature witch. That is what I think of when I think of Green Velvet.



From the side, however, you can see the gapping. This goes to show you that I need VERY SHORT CUPS for my SHORT GIRLS! Sometimes, you accept these fit problems. As it so happens, I am always more willing to accept bubbling over the cups than I am to accept empty space. I hate having empty space in a bra, and I oftentimes find empty space right next to my armpits – where many bras anticipate a bit of boob should be and where my body, in fact, does not have any boob. Also, a great lesson in how you can manipulate angles in your pictures to fake something fitting. 😉


A good shot of the reflective nature of the velvet itself. It can look black/darker than the green around it, but it can also look lighter. Also, matched my belly button ring. I knew that green one would come in handy some day.

Aesthetically, Green Velvet has a lot of things on its side. Green. Dark green. Velvet. Velvet pattern. These are not things I can typically find. I feel sort of like a broken record, since most of the bras I like do not look like most bras, but… well… Green Velvet doesn’t look like anything else out there currently. It has a sweetness to it yet something mildly threatening. (Do I make any sense? I’ve been working on stories, lately, so I keep using weird diction…) Again, nature witch. She’s dangerous! But she likes plants! That is the Green Velvet to me.

Alright, alright, we shall review it…

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—I’ve pretty much told you why this is real attractive, already.

Appearance of bra on my body (8/10)—From the front, it looks great. The gapping does not show under clothes. Even so, there is gapping, so points off.

Comfort of…

Straps (10/10)—I realized that I had nothing to even say about them, but is a good thing. They’re comfortable. I will note that the straps are very smooth, meaning that this might annoy some people as far as them slipping. So far, I haven’t had that problem.

Band (6/10)—Another band where I need an extender. Honestly, I want a 31″ band. I want that to be a size. This is what I’ve realized. If I could order this today, I would go for a 65 band. So, points off because I need an extender and none of them match this bra (lol).

Gore (10/10)—I don’t notice this gore at all. 10 points to Slytherin (because it’s green, get me?)!

Underwire (10/10)—No complaints about underwires. Nice and narrow.

Cups (6/10)—The cups are too tall. There is too much bra at the top. It not only gapes, but chafes the pits. I am typing this and noticing that this bra is in my pits. That’s unfortunate…

What did Green Velvet get? The Comexim Green Velvet (60H) gets…

86% – Yay! Most of the things about this bra are great, but points are taken off mainly because there is too much cup/not enough boob for the cup (thus gaping and chafing, my 2 least favorite things for a bra to do). It still passes, overall, but this is a bra that might have to see a third owner…



8 thoughts on “Lingerie Review: Comexim Green Velvet (60H)

  1. LOVE the colour. I don’t like green generally, but this muted/mossy version is truly appealing and I would definitely like to see more lingerie come in this colour …
    As for the shape issues, empty space near the armpits is my lifelong struggle. I’ve only ever managed to find ONE bra that didn’t gape there (it had other issues however, so I had to sadly return it). It makes bra shopping so frustrating.


    • I have seen lots of bright bright green that I haven’t liked either! This sort of green is so understated and cool…
      We are both in the suffering armpits category! Do you remember what bra it was that spared you? What were the other issues? 😮


      • It was the Curvy Kate Ritzy. Gave me the best cleavage I could hope to get and looked pretty much perfect, until I put a shirt on and found out it made my boobs look square from the side profile 😰 Also, every single seam showed through the shirt. Still dissapointed over the fact I couldn’t keep it.


      • 😦 Aw man – that’s definitely a deal breaker! I hate when they give you and oddly square shape. That’s a shame. I’ll keep that one on my “don’t buy” list LOL.


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