Lingerie Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Stalówka (65F)


Here at brogwithadog, we’ve reviewed two major Polish brands – Avocado and Comexim. There is a giant in the Polish lingerie industry, however, that I have neglected to mention: Ewa Michalak. I have been a fan of EM for some time, enjoying their designs and such, but I’ve always been terrified of them because they have so many cuts available and I’m a blubbering idiot who doesn’t understand how to navigate them. Plus, EM is more expensive than Comexim, which is another reason I had steered away from them (although Avocado is more expensive than EM, but I couldn’t resist Avocado…oh Kyoto, come back to me…).

One day, on bratabase, I noticed something. An EM. GREY. My love of grey has been enduring and unceasing, so I quickly threw cash at the user and got this second hand. I will tell you, to preface this review, that it’s in a cup size too large and I have to wear cookies in order to avoid gapping (even then, the gapping happens). This bra does not have slings in which to put the cookies, so the cookies are just kinda…in there. Sitting there. It’s a dangerous business. ANYWAY, let’s move on.


I neglected the mention… I own the bottoms, too. I won’t lie, the bottoms are an awkward fit on me, but fit the way most Polish bottoms do on me. An awkward height that makes my small hips look smaller. So I sort of positioned them to look more flattering in this photo.

This is a VAVAVOOM number. This gives incredibly round shaping, comparable to the Marcie – but with more immediate projection. The CHP is the only cut from EM that I would pursue in the future, as I am a big fan of its construction and that immediate projection. It beats Comexim out in that regard – Avocado, too.

The Stalówka is a very interesting rendition of grey. It could pass for periwinkle because of its cool undertones. I personally really like this, as, sometimes, heather grey bras have the potential to look kinda crappy. This evades that issue by being an unusual kind of grey.

The CHP is basically a half cup with two vertical seams. I would say it’s great for even and FOT shapes who severely need immediate projection. As it so happens, dear friends, I fit that bill.


Yoooooooo that shape!

EM has excellent construction quality – or, at least, this bra in particular is made very very well. The materials are soft and sturdy. The band is firm. No threads have pulled out and nothing looks like it could fall apart in a single wear. This is also a very simple bra in design, so when you aren’t cluttered with design elements, you can focus on these construction details much better. I like what I see in this bra.

The profile in this is amazing, honestly. This is a bra I reach for if I’m feeling like I need more boob for the day. Given that this is a cup size too big and I have to put in the cookies (blah blah blah), it effectively functions as a push-up bra. I am not always wanting more boob, however, so I wish I had this in the correct size. 😥


:O How beauteous!

With all this mind, there is one thing I wish was different. I wish those bows on the gore were not there. I wish they were buttons. I think the bows don’t match the bra, overall. Ah well.

Would I recommend EM? Sure. The bras are well made and the materials used are fabulous.  As I bought EM secondhand, I have not directly interacted with the company and thus can’t personally comment on customer service. From what I understand, sub 65 bands are not returnable, you can’t get customizations (like straps moved in – bummer, as that’s what I’d want) at the same level as Comexim, and the wait time between your order and when you get the bras can be a month or longer if you’re in the States. I think this would be frustrating if you are impatient or in need of small band sizes (or suffer armpit-gate like I do on a daily basis).


This is just a handsome bra so have another picture for now.

Compared to Comexim, I think EM has slightly more refined designs and the benefit of many different cut styles (CHP is just one of many); EM also has their model game way above most companies, showing each bra on different body types. Comexim has 2 main styles (plunge and half cup – with the option of 3HC, a half cup with 2 seams that looks very much like the CHP with less immediate projection), but is at a lower price point, offers free customizations, and is generally faster to receive. Avocado, compared to the rest, is the most expensive, but has incredible designs I’ve yet to find in another brand (sob sob I want another Kyoto sob), and I believe it has a wait time similar to Comexim. This is how I think these brands compare, personally.

Moving on – we rate our star.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—GREY, GREY, GREY, GREY, GREY (banging on tables). Okay, anyway, love the grey, love the seams, love how simple it is. I wish the little bow things were buttons, but I can survive that.

Appearance of bra on my body (8/10)—Cookies out, not a good rating. Cookies in, perfectly fine, just that it gapes if I’m bending over in any capacity.

Comfort of…

Straps (8/10)—The straps are extremely soft and also…not fully adjustable (sob). Despite this, I can tighten the straps enough for this not to be a problem. Points off for the not fully adjustable bit as well as how wide set the straps are (a common EM construction feature).

Band (6/10)—I am totally uncomfortable in this band and require an extender. Firm band! Take note. If you’re like me and like things a little loose, you should order a band size up.

Gore (10/10)—I am surprisingly comfortable in this gore, even though I’ve come to prefer VERY low gores (i.e.: plunges). I do not notice this gore when I wear this at all. Hooray!

Underwire (9/10)—These underwires have not given me any problems. They are real narrow and seem firm, however, because this is in the general vicinity of my IMF, it is comfortable.

Cups (9/10)—As we’ve established, the cups are too big and I need cookies. With that in mind, I find the cups come up high on the sides and get into armpit territory (not as badly as others – for instance, this is more comfortable than the Marcie). Additionally, this has like the best immediate projection I’ve ever experienced in a bra, so it’s absolutely perfect for fellow tubular boobular twins.

What did Stalówka get? The Ewa Michalak CHP Stalówka (65F) gets…

86% – A grade that fits! If this was a cup size down, I suspect the rating would almost be 100%..

What are your EM experiences?


5 thoughts on “Lingerie Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Stalówka (65F)

  1. I love grey, too! I want this just for the grey, but I have a feeling the straps would irritate my arms. :/ Are you experimenting with different backdrops? I like the wood 🙂


    • The straps are a bummer for me, too. Unfortunately not a big difference from how I feel about most straps LOL. And thank you! I’m sort of feeling out different spots. 😀


  2. I only tried Ewa once, in my Syrena S in 65F and it’s indeed a GORGEOUS bra…but it produces such a peaked profile that I don’t use it has much as my Comexim babies! I would love to try a CHP in the future, though, and their unlined styles too! 🙂

    You look amazing in this, can’t see any gaping, it must be something that only you can tell, not others 🙂 The bottoms are very cute too!

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


    • I’ve never tried another EM cup but I totally understand! Sometimes I just don’t want my girls to be so…out there lol. You are too kind, too – it’s much too big without cookie inserts and I generally got pictures from the right angles to eliminate gaping 😉 Thank you so much!!


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