About Your Local Brogger

You know, since I started brogwithadog, I don’t think I ever did an “about me” section. While you can get a sense for my personality in my reviews and whatnot, I know I like to better understand my bloggers. So, kinda sorta get to know me!

I’m an English major with a year to go (yay!) and I will have been in college for 5 years by the time I graduate. I love love love writing. Creative writing is where I’m the happiest! In my spare time, I come up with ideas. I have also written fan fiction (if you liked Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, let me know and I can share my writing~). My favorite thing to do is work on characterizations. Anyway, enough of that (but if you’re into it, let me know – I love befriending fellow writers!).

I have had an unyielding obsession with dogs since childhood. I was the child who would sprint over to pet a dog. Luckily, my parents taught me to always ask first, so I would puff out, “May I pet your dog?” while the poor owners generally agreed and wondered what made this child so possessed. Today, I am still dreadfully obsessed with dogs. Hence the name of this brog.

I am a creative person in most areas (however, I’m only “good” in a few). I write, I draw (originally went to college for graphic design!), I sing, I write songs, I play guitar and ukulele… And so on. I’m not a good singer and my hands are too small to play a lot of guitar chords, but I enjoy it anyway.

I hope this section has helped you to know who I am. I write reviews to educate and entertain, but I also do many other things outside of brogging. Expect reviews in the upcoming weeks!


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