Comexim Review: Sonia in 65G

Why are you ordering a 65G, you wonder? Well… I’m just plain uncomfortable and I realize I’m more comfortable in 30 bands. And considering the successful fit of the Luna, unaltered, in a 60H, I decided I would go with a sister size up. I am very happy I did! I purchased two new Comexim beauties in mid-October and received them yesterday. Let’s look at these children. We’ll start with Sonia.

To preface: the Sonia is intended as a half-cup. I am predictable and don’t like change, so I requested it in plunge form. That’s the main alteration. I did request 3×3 hooks, but I suspect something was lost in translation. Even so, I was amazed by how beauteous this thing is. It’s very warm and peachy with silver lace, and then the straps? AaaaAaAAAAaahhh now if only I could have a plain old grey bra.

Please, please, please, give me a grey bra, bra gods.

Please, please, please, give me a grey bra, bra gods.

ANYWAY, SORRY. Let’s look at Sonia.

I don't have any puns and I'm sorry about that. ..Wanya Sonia?

I don’t have any puns and I’m sorry about that. ..Wanya Sonia?

From the front, you can see how much is going on here. I really am in love with the colors here. I admit I didn’t expect it to be so “warm”, but I’m now struggling to imagine how it would look if there was more silver. The bow is basically a double bow with light peach and a mauve-brown (the straps are that same mauve-brown). I have a slight quad on the one side, but I don’t even care. The wires are awesome and extremely flexible. I was very happy when I took it off (not from discomfort, but because a girl gotta sleep) and saw the indentations of the wires DIRECTLY in my IMF. Not even down on my ribcage, but IN THE IMF. Do you understand me. Do you understand? I was so excited.

Almost a slight point to the shape. It doesn't look that way under clothes. But look at the silver lace and how it shines ahhhhAAAaahhh

Almost a slight point to the shape. It doesn’t look that way under clothes. But look at the silver lace and how it shines ahhhhAAAaahhh

OKAY, ANYWAY. A slight side view. This is actually somewhat minimizing, which I didn’t expect, but it’s sort of a good thing at the same time. I wasn’t worried about poking out through my sweater. Where I live, the weather hasn’t made up its mind about whether or not winter is approaching (which is unusual), but I anticipate this will have a lot of winter wear. It has a very “princess” feel to it without being immature at the same time, so I can sort of be an ice princess. If children’s reactions to my hair are any indication, I am already a character from Frozen (blond hair = Elsa, always, no matter what I do).


Let’s see the real profile.

A little close to the ole pitties but it's doable.

A little close to the ole pitties but it’s doable.

Because my armpits are long-suffering, they were a little sad about this number. I have poor posture. When I take photographs, I have good posture, because nothing will look good if I’m slouching in my natural state. Unfortunately, this means Sonia is taking a peek into my armpits because I don’t walk around holding my arms backwards and away from my body. Oh well. It is definitely doable, and I accept my suffering for beauty. I really, really think this is a gorgeous bra, in case you forgot.

ANYWAY, let’s rate her.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Really, really, really, really, really pretty. The color scheme is awesome. I hope Comexim starts putting silver lace on everything and also please make me a grey bra I love you :’)

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)—This isn’t getting a total 10/10 because of the quad. However, it is a wonderful fit aside from that, and I think it works very well with my skin tone. Because of the colors used, it could work on a huge variety of skin tones.

Comfort of…

Straps (10/10)—I don’t need to tighten these an awful lot, so they’re very nice.

Band (9/10)—Band is very comfortable, however, it is not 3×3 and is actually a very narrow 2×2, hence the point taken off. It is, however, as I said, very comfortable.

Gore (10/10)—I should have requested a lowered gore as my sternum remains sensitive and angry, however, the gore has not caused me any pain thus far and I don’t anticipate it will because…

Underwire (10/10)—These wires are flexible as hell. For me, that’s a good thing. I was able to make a very slight bend that made the wires perfect for my IMF, though it didn’t need much to do that at all. I can also very, very easily bend the gore away.

Cups (8/10)—These are getting 8/10 because of the armpit issue. However, this is my typical complaint in most bra reviews, if you’ve noticed. If you aren’t high set and short and narrow (or whatever, I don’t really know, but I suspect it’s the high set part that’s the problem), I don’t think you will have the same problem.

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Sonia (65G) gets…

94% – Good job, Sonia, that’s a solid A! Making your mother proud.


8 thoughts on “Comexim Review: Sonia in 65G

    • I think they do! I notice more of an issue near the top, as I’m slight-quadding on my left boob (the big sister). I do think they could use a little extra room near the bottom, personally, since my boobs have no taper to them whatsoever (pretty much…ribcage..SUDDEN BOOB…empty space…collarbone). What’s your sadness with them currently? 😮 Is it the Geisha? I love that bra, but I think the lace material gave it a somewhat uncomfortable fit.


      • Ugh it’s that basically all of my last batch were too shallow for me (especially at the bottom). I’m just starting to feel like I’m not going to get a good fit from them. It feels like there’s a huge change in projection between 60HH cup volume and 60H cup volume. I have that same immediate projection issue. I think my issues with Geisha were made worse by the stiffer fabric, but a cup in that shape is just unlikely to fit me well. Sigh… EM is so much more expensive! It almost looks like you (like me) could use about a half-cup-size larger


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