Lingerie Review: Marcie (30E) in Beige, Burgundy, and Raspberry

HELLO ALL. In the interest of saving time and preventing you from wallowing in despair that I might write three separate Marcie reviews, I decided to do the adult thing and jam them all into one review. After my discovery about a month or two ago that I fit better in a 30E than a 30F, I went all out and bought three Marcies. The beige one was a pretty penny, but I bought the burgundy and raspberry flavors off this awesome website. I find this one to be very reasonably priced, and shipping takes between 1-2 weeks. It might not be as fast as Amazon or bravissimo, but, well, they had what I wanted for cheaper. So I did it. I don’t regret it.

As you all know, I want my boobs to be half-spheres, and the Marcie grants me that wish. Let us look at the girls in their Marcie beds.

OKAY. So it begins. This is the beige number. I am always in need of a bra that matches my skin tone, so I still don’t regret the $55 price tag. It’s a shape I love, and, as you saw in my 30F review, I like the colors/design. I love this baby. the cups are supposed to be like THIS? Doggone it.

Oh…right…so the cups are supposed to be like THIS? Doggone it.

For whatever reason, my camera likes to show this as an industrial beige. It really is not. It has pinkish undertones and is a great deal cuter than my very old camera likes to show. This was the bra that caused an epiphany as well as a great deal of grief (as in WAIT SO NOTHING I OWN FITS???).

There is a bit of an issue, as in "Escape of the Soft Tissue in a Bra: This Time, It's Personal".

There is a bit of an issue, as in “Escape of the Soft Tissue in a Bra: This Time, It’s Personal”.

The profile is good, as expected, but as you can see above, I am still getting a bit of an in-cup quad. I honestly don’t care much about this, as it doesn’t show through clothes. How that works, I have no idea, but I think if I question it, my breasts will retaliate, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. As you will notice, though, the sides are sniffing into armpit territory, but it’s DEFINITELY better than it was a 30F. It’s light years better than the 28FF. Let’s not even talk about that one; it hurts the ole pits to remember it.

On another note, I am increasingly bothered by the gore on these Marcies. I guess my sternum has decided nothing should touch it at all. So I try not to wear Marcies for more than 6 hours at a time because it becomes painful, like the gore is too tall.

(Borat voice) Niiiice...

(Borat voice) Niiiice…

My littler tittler does not seem to suffer the same in-cup quad fate, so it’s fine. You’ll see exactly the same fit issues in the other colors. Let’s taste the rainbow, while we’re at it.

Don't give me no raspberries, thank you.

Don’t give me no raspberries, thank you.

HERE IS THE RASPBERRY. I did not like this color at all, if I’ll be honest. I’m still a little pissed off at it because it matches only one pair of undies I have, and I’m too cheap to buy the matching undies. I have too many pairs of underwear. Again, my camera fucked up the colors. This is darker than the picture looks, and more saturated. This is basically a magenta bra (think of that hideous neopets-esque magenta/orange Lily color way, and you’ll know what color I’m talking about).

Say it ain't so, bow.

Say it ain’t so, bow.

I think the Marcie’s new bow style is lovely with the little polkadots. It makes the bra feel just slightly more sophisticated, which is difficult to do because Cleo likes to be very juvenile in its styling habits. I complain a lot, but honestly, I do love Cleo. I have very strong feelings about their design choices, though (looking at you, Erin bra). Still, cute bow.

I do think this profile is something to write home about.

I do think this profile is something to write home about.

The profile, again is excellent, and I struggle to say much else. The fit issues are identical with those in beige (as in armpits getting frightened, in-cup quad on my bigger boob, ouch gore, etc.). I have said all that needs to be said about the raspberry rendition, so let us move on to my favorite color edition: BURGUNDY.

I looooooove burgundy.

I looooooove burgundy.

I love the shit out of burgundy. There is something so rich and tasty about it, I don’t know! Burgundy is fall and fuzzy sweaters, yet it’s also very sharp and sophisticated. When I wear burgundy, I feel like a dangerous empress that people are too terrified of to mess with. I also have lots of burgundy undies, so I was pleased that the burgundy of aerie undies and the burgundy of this bra matched.

I have noticed that the bow on this one does not stay straight, for whatever reason. It’s always wonky. That’s the only aesthetic issue I take, though – the bow itself. A crooked ass bow kind of ruins my empress delusions, but I guess I forgive it…

In case you're wondering about the jar in the background, that's coconut oil that I like to slather in my bleach-destroyed hair for moisture.

In case you’re wondering about the jar in the background, that’s coconut oil that I like to slather in my bleach-destroyed hair for moisture.

The profile is, as standard, lovely. Like the raspberry version, the polkadots are the same color as the cup. The other variation of color is in the bow. Did you know I like burgundy?

Are you..seeing stars?!!

Are you..seeing stars?!!

Here we go, back to an angle no human being looks at boobs from… But I just wanted to showcase how, indeed, this is the shape I desire and love.

Let’s rate all these suckers. I find no significant fit differences but one: the raspberry model has a slightly looser band, but this might have been due to people trying it on and deciding against it. I wore that one straight on the second hook, but that’s okay with me, frankly. We’ll rate them individually under the categories…

Appearance of bra itself—

beige (10/10): This is a cute number. I love the differently colored polkadots. It’s a really nice beige, as well.

raspberry (9/10): Don’t really like this color, but that’s only real complaint.

burgundy (9/10): Would be a 10/10, but the bow is wonky.

Appearance of bra on my body—

beige, raspberry, burgundy (9/10): All give me the desired profile with a consistent in-cup quad on my left boob (the bigger one), which disappears under clothes.

Comfort of…


beige, raspberry, burgundy (8/10): All have straps that are slightly too far apart, but it’s doable and I think it’s better than I had on the 30F version.


beige (10/10): Comfortable, taut – no real complaints.

raspberry (9/10): Already loose enough that I had to start on the second row of hooks. Other than that, it’s fine.

burgundy (10/10): See my comments on the beige one.


beige, raspberry, burgundy (7/10): Points off because my sternum feels unhappy when I wear these for more than 6 hours. It also seems slightly too wide. Again, better than the 30F version because the gore is lower.


beige, raspberry, burgundy (7/10): The underwire is very close to my IMF, but not quite there. Still, it’s not unbearably uncomfortable.


beige, raspberry, burgundy (8/10): These cups are a little too close to the armpits, unfortunately, but it’s much better than how it felt in the 30F. Other than that, the cups are very comfortable.

Overall rating, then? The Cleo Marcie in beige (30E) gets…

84% – Accurate! It’s a middle-ground B.

And the Raspberry (30E) gets…

81% – If it weren’t for that band and my basic dislike towards the color, it would be higher!

And the BURGUNDY (30E) gets…

83% – Again, accurate! I love the color, but that bow is mostly what gives this a slightly lower rating than the beige.

Thank you folks, and good night.

(I did it! A review!!!)


12 thoughts on “Lingerie Review: Marcie (30E) in Beige, Burgundy, and Raspberry

    • Usually Marcie doesn’t work well if the Lucy is an awesome fit! It tends to be that Lucy is good for full on bottom while Marcie is great for full on top (I like the Lucy, but it never fits right on me for that reason 😥 ). I wish Cleo would release more burgundy bras!!


      • Yes, I know, but since Cleo seems to be putting a real effort on the Marcie colorways, with gorgeous subtle colors, I plan to try it out someday. I’m even, I might make it work. Cleo has been discontinuated and I don’t like Kali’s colorways, they’ve been too bright for my personal taste so far…let’s see! 🙂

        Did you try Cleo’s Maddie in burgundy? I have one in raspberry! 🙂

        kiss kiss
        My Fashion Insider


      • I have never tried the Maddie! I might if I can find one very cheap, but I am very obsessed with the Marcie! 🙂 I’m FOT/even, and it works very well for me.
        Burgundy ❤


  1. I love all three colourways so much! I wish I could wear the Marcie, but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. It made my boobs look the perkiest ever, however I had the same in-cup quad issue and unlike you, it showed through shirts way too much (to the point they looked square from the profile). Still jealous every time I see someone being able to wear it!


    • I’m so sorry to hear that :(. I was terrified of the in-cup quad and my shirts. Under really thin ones, it’s obvious there’s something weird happening, but I mostly have very thick shirts so it camouflages any issues. I wish you could share in my burgundy celebration Cheeks!!


  2. Ameri says:

    I’ve got a Marcie in yellow, I love it! Although I also had the stabby gore issue, I bent the wires out and that fixed it for me, so you might want to give that a try!


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