Cleo Review: Marcie, beige (30F)

Hey y’all! It’s that time again! It’s time to…REVIEW!


Yes, I have been bad. I’m sorry. But do not imagine that I have no been stewing about bras—I have! The beige Marcie has been on my mind as of late, as I love how it looks and it’s quite typical in making my ladies look very good.

As Marcie does!

Let’s get into it: I got the 30F Marcie in beige off bravissimo’s website. It was on sale, being $40 (or something like that) instead of the full price, which is $55. I was very pleased with using their website, except for one thing: no tracking. If you’re insane and like to see if your bra has been places, it can be a little unnerving. For about seven days, I fretted over it. Where was it? Did someone take it? Please, bra gods, give me my Marcie and I’ll give you my toes.

Anyway, she got here, and I’m fond of this lady. Should we be surprised? No. I just love the Marcie. That isn’t changing any time soon. There’s going to be a burgundy Marcie coming out for the fall collection, and I can’t wait to grab one.

Let’s look at huh.

The lighter spots match my skin!! This disappears under clothes.

The lighter spots match my skin!! This disappears under clothes.

Isn’t this just a good looking bra? I love that this is multi-toned. I love the combination of light spots with the slightly darker base. I can truly rely on this to become invisible under white shirts, unless they are extremely thin… Then you’d see the seams, but meh, I’m wearing a bra and everyone knows it.

Boobies high for heaven.

Boobies high for heaven.

As you can presumably see, these cups are going into my armpits. My poor, wrinkly armpits. No one likes them, apparently, which is a shame, as I like them quite a bit. For this reason, the Marcie is still a little uncomfortable for me. I know it will soften with time, but I wish I could cut off that excess cup and save my poor pits. Still, Marcie is delivering the standard amazing shape, and I love its details.

Why yes, my breasts are naturally shaped like half a basketball, why do you ask?

Why yes, my breasts are naturally shaped like half a basketball, why do you ask?

Just an obligatory 3/4 shot. Marcie really does make my boobies look amazing. Unfortunately, comparing it to certain Comexims, the Marcie is “taller” and more prone to showing from under scoop necks. This is one thing I don’t particularly like, but meh, I guess I shouldn’t wear scoop necks every day of my life.

Siiiiigh. Well, let’s get on with it!

Let’s rate our dearest friend.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—I love this beige option. It is multi-toned and very sweet. The bow is perfect. The dots are perfect. The underwire is even emblazoned with “Crafted for Fit – Styled for Fun”. This is one of Cleo’s more mature looks, surprisingly, as it isn’t bright purple with leopard spots.

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)—I have a great shape in this bra. My only qualms are that it is a bit too “tall” and shows under scoop necks, as I mentioned.

Comfort of…

Straps (6/10)—A bit far apart. I have the same problem in the pink Marcie as well—it can get into armpit territory. I also need to tighten these babies a lot.

Band (10/10)—Very very firm. As I’ve worn it a few times by now and have had it for several weeks, it’s only loosened a tiny bit, so that’s impressive.

Gore (6/10)—Standard Cleo height, probably, but my sternum has gotten quite sensitive. The gore digs in and makes me angry.

Underwire (6/10)—Underwires are going up to armpit territory, yet again.

Cups (6/10)—These cups make me so angry because they’re checking in with my armpits. I can shift the underwire closer to the gore, but there is still cup on the sides, going up too far. Shorter ladies, you may be safer if you go down one sister size, as my 32E Marcies don’t have nearly the same irritation as my 30Fs.

Overall rating, then? The Cleo Marcie in beige (30F) gets…

76% – I’m afraid that’s accurate, as I love this bra, yet it hurts my body. Damn you, Marcie. I just can’t quit you.


6 thoughts on “Cleo Review: Marcie, beige (30F)

  1. wendybien says:

    You will soon be able to make a Marcie rainbow on Pride Day 🙂 I’m just curious, why do you find that you need to tighten the straps a lot? I noticed on the photos that they did seem tight and then you confirmed it in the review. Do you feel that there is a lack of uplift if they aren’t as tight as this?


    • OMG if only I could wear all of them at once, then I’d be set for Pride!! And I do wear them tight. I have extremely narrow/sloping shoulders and high set boobs, so if I don’t tighten them, the underwires will just be sitting on my ribcage not doing anything but being painful and the straps will fall off. I do think I don’t have the same issues in Comexim, but I haven’t found an unlined Comexim that seems promising at this point 😦 Thank you Wendy!


  2. Mel says:

    Thanks for the review! I suspect this would look better on you in a cup down, since it’s too wide, too tall, and a tiny bit too deep in the very center. And since you say it’s very tight, and it’s pulling the cup to the side, also a band up. So 32DD. This would really help with the armpit problem, and also the bubbling (“in-cup quad”) you’re getting. If it’s not too late to return it, could you try that size?

    my pittie makes the same face 🙂


    • Pitties ❤ I love them so very much. And do you think so? I have had the 32E in other colors and found it more comfortable for armpits/whatnot, but the bands stretch out insanely fast. I find the cup is too deep in the center for my smaller breast, but is just right for my larger one. It is definitely too wide lol! Do you think a capsize down would help the in-cup quad? My instinct tells me it might actually worsen it because the in-cup quad was also present in the 32E, but I am more than welcome to trying! 🙂 I appreciate your input a lot, thank you!


  3. wendybien says:

    If they stretch to become too loose, an extender is probably the best compromise. There are several bras I can only use if I do 30 band + extender for the first month, then without afterwards. You might find that sizing down in the cup helps eliminate the need to overtighten straps though, so she has a point!


  4. Mel says:

    Well, a 32DD will feel tighter than a 32E also. I Promise it will help with the in-cup quad, because there will be more even tension on the material. I think going down in the cup is more important than going up in the band — as wendy said you can always put an extender on it — but i stand by 32DD with the straps loosened.


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