Comexim: Luna (60H)

Today, dear brog friends, we will be viewing my very favorite bra of the moment: the Comexim Luna. This was a difficult bra to find. Honestly, it’s nowhere to be found. You look on Comexim’s site and it ain’t there. Wellfitting? Ain’t there, either. I did some internet sleuthing because I wanted a bra with the MOON on it (!!!) and did discover a US retailer that had it: Posh Lingerie—here is the general link and here is the specific link for the Luna (do note that most sizes are gone by now, but you might be able to alter a band to fit…of course, YMMV). If you order from this site, they’re a little wonky and you have to order by phone. I hate ordering over the phone, but I did it. Plus, they put a cute little “thank you” card in my package. If they fix up their site and organize it better, it’ll be perfect!

Now, let’s get some things on the table: this has NO alterations. That’s right, folks: nada. 2 hook back. Cups at standard size. Straps in standard placement. Gore at standard height. This is the way the bra is intended to be made, and I got it in a 60H because it was the closest option. So, let’s summarize: I got a 60H Luna, and it’s actually…

Well, it’s pretty good, and I was super pleased.

First off, this bra is soft as hell. Well, not as hell, which I don’t think would be soft. But IT’S SO SOFT. This took me back to the Aerie days when I would get a new Sophie bra, the softest of their bunch, and it felt like my boobs were resting in a beautiful bed. This is exactly how the Luna feels. It’s SO SO SOOO SOFT!! I am wearing it right now, in fact, and it is hella soft.

Hey Luna girl, how you doin?? I like you better than my Fortnight of the same name. ;)

Hey Luna girl, how you doin?? I like you better than my Fortnight of the same name. 😉

The fit is surprisingly nice, as well. I did not expect it to work. I’ll be honest, I really did spend about $60 (with shipping) for a bra that I assumed would fail. But dammit, you don’t see the moon on ANYTHING (and not like this!), and I wanted it. I needed it. Then I got it, and it was soft, and, well, the quad is acceptable.

Yes, that’s right: quad. Of course it quads. This is a cup size down!

Quad in action. Worse in person, but not by much.

Quad in action. Worse in person, but not by much.

But I love this thing. I love that the cut is basically low—I can wear it with beloved scoop necks—and that my armpits are happy and that it looks like the surface of the moon. I don’t even have many funny puns for this occasion. I just love the Luna. I love the print. This bra is so damn unique that I want to kiss it. I might have done so already. I’ll let you decide the truth.


Can we compare this to my 60HH's with reduced cups? Yeah, this is actually better. How is this possible?

Can we compare this to my 60HH’s with reduced cups? Yeah, this is actually better. How is this possible?

Originally, I wanted to take the lace straight off the cups because I didn’t like it, but it’s grown on me. I’ll keep it. It can match other things because of that lace, and as you’ve gathered, I am a girl who enjoys matching undies.

The profile is actually awesome. In fact, the quad is better than it is in the black Basic, the Ginger, the Vivien, and the Pin-up Bikini Top (which I will review, naturally, because it is just tiny on me). And this is a cup size down. Does the Luna run large in the cup? I couldn’t say. I don’t have many 60H’s to compare to, but if they’re like this, I might snag a bunch on bratabase to satiate my bra-hungry brain.

Moon craters and starry orange walls...ain't this the life?

Moon craters and starry orange walls…ain’t this the life?

Let’s rate our sweet Luna.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Interesting, gorgeous, charming, magical, luxurious, uhhhh, the goodest.

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)—Slight quad, but the rest is perfect.

Comfort of…

Straps (9/10)—Maybe a bit too far apart, but doable.

Band (9/10)—2 hook back, which looks smaller than the 2 hook back on my white Basic. I had to put an extender on this, but I get the feeling this will stretch quite well—the fabric is sooooo soft.

Gore (9/10)—Doesn’t tack! But I kinda assumed that would be the case.

Underwire (10/10)—No complaints!

Cups (8/10)—I quad in the middle and the sides of the cups come slightly close to my armpits, though due to the softness of the fabric, this isn’t irritating.

Overall rating, then? The Comexim Luna (60H) gets…

91% – Very good, Luna! You did a good job and you make your mama proud!


2 thoughts on “Comexim: Luna (60H)

  1. jelzzz says:

    I LOVE that print. I wish I had ordered it when it was available through Comexim, but I didn’t, and now its gone – and Posh doesn’t have my size either. 😦


    • It’s my very favorite of Comexim! 😦 And I’m sorry girl. It’s super difficult to find now. I would recommend checking bratabase or the bra swap subreddit just in case!


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