TODAY (in other news)

…is the day where in the US, same sex couples can finally marry all over the country. It’s been a long time for something so basic and NORMAL that I had been losing hope, hearing people say that it would destroy the sanctity of marriage. You know, the marriage where you can go and have an Elvis impersonator be the minister and be married legally in about twenty minutes. That sanctity, right?

Marriage is an issue of love. Let’s not forget that. The same arguments against same sex marriage have been used when people were against interracial marriages. People were legitimately arrested if it was found that they were seeing someone outside of their “racial boundaries”. So think of that when you hear someone bemoan that people will soon be able to marry their dogs and goats and goldfish. To be frank, I’d much rather marry my dog than marry those kinds of people.

It is a good day when you can marry someone of the same sex, but let’s not erase the identities of people who aren’t gay but love the same sex. For instance, I’m pansexual, and my partner is the opposite sex. That doesn’t mean I suddenly am not attracted to people of my own sex or people who identify as neither gender or in between. So when we say “gay marriage”, it isn’t really accurate. A bisexual man who marries a man is not suddenly gay: he’s still bisexual. So I think “same sex marriage” is a more appropriate term.

With this progress, we still need to move forward. We need to protect transgender individuals. We need to give bisexuals, asexuals, and pansexuals an identity. We need to protect people who will be disowned and homeless for not fitting in sexuality or gender norms. We can’t celebrate as if the issue has finally been closed because same sex marriage is legal all over the US.

Love is a spectrum, and not a set of boxes with one marked “heterosexual” and the other marked “homosexual”.


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