Comexim Review: Basic (white)

Dearest friends, today I received an official Comexim order. I was elated. Two bras for ME! Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. A Basic in beige. A Coco in the only color way it has – black and pink. My dreams were coming true, and the Comexim box itself was actually very nice (it wasn’t the standard Amazon box). I’ll certainly use this box if someone wants my 60K Irish Coffee.

Anyway, I opened the box, full of wonderful feelings, and stopped cold. The Basic was white. It was white as skim milk. White as printer paper. White as teeth on the “after” shot for whitening products. White. White white white. I sat on my bed, dismayed, thinking it must have been in error. Surely I had gotten the beige.

Destroyed and confused, I went to Comexim’s site and looked at my order history. Sure enough, I had chosen a white Basic. So, naturally, I’m ordering a beige now, but I now have to thank my compulsive brain for choosing white because I now have a cute, basic white bra to go with the millions of Aerie undies I have. Hooray!

Let’s study my new friend, because I actually quite like her. I purchased this in a 60HH. It quads slightly on my bigger side and is perfect on my smaller side. I don’t like feeling that one titty is swimming in a cup while the other isn’t, and I think a 60J would give me such a feeling.

Let’s discuss the timeline of my Comexim order, first,  because this might be helpful. Do keep in mind that I’m on the east coast, which may be why I received the item relatively quickly.

May 13th: I place order with alteration instructions (lowered gore, lowered cups, straps moved in)

May 23rd: Order is shipped

May 29: Order is received

That’s a little over two weeks, and isn’t that bad. I believe my Avocado bras took longer to ship out (like a month). So… needless to say, I’m a big fan of this company.

Okay, okay, okay, I know: show us the white Basic. I have not seen many pictures of this one in particular, so this may be helpful. I’ve seen many beige Basics out there. I believe the white one has different details, which you will see shortly. In a way, it has a slightly bridal feel to it, but it’s not SO bridal that I feel confused wearing it.

Isn't she loooovelyyyyy? I'm really into the bows on the straps, btw.

Isn’t she loooovelyyyyy?
I’m really into the bows on the straps, btw.

Here she is from the front. Very unassuming but nice looking. From the front, you can’t really see any quad-boob or what have you.

Side views from my smaller and larger side. My armpits are quite safe in this and the wires are very comfy.

Side views from my larger side. My armpits are quite safe in this and the wires are very comfy.

The profile is rather nice, too. The apex is slightly pointier than I really like, but I don’t mind it. Cleo Marcie will spoil you into thinking all bras will make your boobs look like one half of a basketball, when they really won’t, in reality. Oh well. The shape is growing on me!

See the little pearly on the bow? Prepare a new painting: Girl with Pearl-on-bow-on-bra, no earring involved.

See the little pearly on the bow? Prepare a new painting: Girl with Pearl-on-bow-on-bra, no earring involved.

Here is the detail that is different from pictures I’ve seen of the beige basic. There is a little, pearly bead on the bow. It’s a thoughtful little detail. So, to be short, I am fond of this bra and am wearing it the house down. I really recommend the alterations for all of you short ladies: shorter gore = sternum that isn’t bruised, shorter cups = cups not all up where you don’t have tatas, and straps moved in = armpits are safe from scraping materials. Next time, of course, I’ll get a 3 hook band, but I honestly hadn’t thought to do it for this order. Next time…

Let’s rate the Basic (white), then.

Appearance of bra itself (10/10)—Simple, sweet. This is a basic bra. Of course it’s not crazy. That’s in the name.

Appearance of bra on my body (9/10)— Fits nicely, lifts nicely. The only reason it isn’t getting a 10/10 is because of the quadding on my larger side.

Comfort of…

Straps (8/10)—These could stand to be shorter, honestly, but that’s alright. I can tighten them comfortably. These are thick straps.

Band (8/10)—It feels like a slightly loose 28 band. It rides up a little bit. This isn’t uncomfortable, but leads me to think I need a smaller band (the 60 band in the Irish Coffee felt sturdier, so I suspect that has to do with the model I bought). The elastic trim is a bit irritating on the skin, though, hence not a 10/10.

Gore (10/10)—Painless and short. I love this gore.

Underwire (9/10)—These feel like thin, flexible wires, but they’re the perfect width. I honestly wouldn’t mind if they were a little lower on the side.

Cups (9/10)—I have no comfort issues with these cups, though my center fullness on the larger side is unruly and trying to escape her ivory prison.

Overall rating, then? Comexim Basic (white) gets…

90% – You’ve passed, baby! But I might size down in the band/up in the cup next time for you and your other basic sisters.


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