What’s coming soon?

First, I decided to make a little header. I haven’t made digital art in a while and decided to make something cute with bras and a cartoon of my dog, as we tend to do. What do you think? Maybe I’ll start drawing my dream bras…


Despite myself, I love the Claudette Dessous. I say “despite myself” because we’re incompatible, shape wise – the Dessous is too tall and too shallow. But I can’t help it. I love the aesthetic so much. It’s good and simple and sophisticated. There is no overabundance of bows or lace. It’s just good old mesh with a color accent. I cannot HELP IT.

So, despite my better judgement, I ordered off the Claudette Encore sale and purchased 3 bras, each $19.99. I was very excited because I have been irrationally craving leopard and they have a lovely leopard Dessous with black accents, which I bought in a 30G (apparently the cups run small, and, alas, there is no 28 band in that one). The fuchsia accent version was not quite my jam. I also purchased the Cyber Yellow/Navy as well as the Sandstone/Navy, both in 28G. I’m expecting all three tomorrow.

Cyber Yellow/Navy ❤

Sandstone/Navy woooo!

Leopard/black trim. All pictures from loveclaudette.com!

Want to scoop up some Claudettes? They have different bras there and panties as well. If you want ’em, go here.

So check back to see my reviews, since the Dessous tends to be different in every color way (sigh…). Maybe this will help you, too, in navigating this lovely and inconsistently-sized bra! 😉


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